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    I just want to say that the SpeedV3 Broadband Tweak really works good. i thought it was crap, but i tried it today and my internet speeds are going ultrafast compared to before! Tweaktown forums load super fast now. Ok, sorry but you all have to download and run this program because it works extremely good. Thats all there is too it.

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    Anyone else used this particular software and done accurate speed meassurements before and after..:?:

    mpetrie not that I doubt you in any way but the TT loading time can be just serverload differences.

    Just want more peoples opinion. :)


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      Ok, i just want to make sure im not misunderstood. This program probably doesnt make the actuall internet connection any faster, It doesnt make downloads faster, but it does make browser loading times and such much quicker. I saw a pretty significant difference after installing on IE6.


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        Originally posted by mpetrie
        Tweaktown forums load super fast now.
        i agree it is a little faster to load it...:)


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          Are you poor *******s still on Dial-up??? No disrespect intended, as we cable freaks have nightmares of our very own:confused:

          At least on dial-up ya can call & ***** some one Out:rofl:
          Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you recall.


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            Excuse the Hell out of my Smug Irish-American Ass.....I stand thouroughly and most thankfully corrected....YES Tweaker, it most
            definintely performs as stated............take it from a severe doubting Thomas:thumb: Kudo's to ya mpetrie....Great find that 1:bounce:
            Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you recall.


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              nah im on 512/128 ADSL here (telstra)....

              switching to their new Unlimited 256/64 or the 512/128 plan next month...for $69.95 or $99.95....not a bad deal they have got their act together.


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                I was just wondering, is there any program that tells you what your up and down speeds are? I have cable and I've been wondering what they are... Thx, : peace2: Mista K6


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                  Go to the Speed test under "Our tools"

                  that will give you your true download/upload speeds.


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                    Originally posted by Mista K6
                    is there any program that tells you what your up and down speeds are?
                    go to this site and run the test. It basically benchmarks your connection and will tell you what your actutal speed is (whether it's what you're paying for or not ;) ). You can see an example of my results below


                    *looks like Fatguy3 beat me to it :)


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                      you can use 3rd party software like that, but really, the only thing that will quicken your download speeds (broadband only here) is by increasing your default recieve window.

                      what this does is tell your computer to accept more packets before pausing and sending an acknowledgement and request for more packets. It's basically like spacing your stop signs much further apart on a long road. ;)

                      you can get all the info and the reg tweak files here:


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