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    ok i have a cable internet connection through Earthlink. and when the people came to install it the installed all this stupid software like "Earthling Mail Checker" and "Earthlink Web Browser" for some reason outlook and explorer just rnt good enough. sorry, earthlink just makes me mad...anyway, i just got a new laptop. do i need to install all this gay software to have the internet connection or can i just plug the modem in my comp, install the drivers for the modem and go online? i hope this question is in the correct subtopic...sorry if it isnt. Thanks for the help.

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    you don't need any of that software to connect with earthlink...just uninstall it (at least i didn't need it when i used their dial-up service....just check their web site)

    and you only need drivers if you are using the usb connection... if you use the ethernet approach, you don't need to load any drivers


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      ok thanks alot, it is a USB connection so i'm gonna need drivers. will the drivers uninstall easally? i am leaving for college soon and want a clean comp, uncluttered...although as i'm typing this i may leave them so when i come home from school i can just plug it in and go online...


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        it wont hurt to leave the drivers on your'll just save you from installing them again later :)


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          Yeah, all that junk they give you is crap.
          Actually, my internet explorer says CHEZ's internet explorer - reg tweak.
          So It is ALLLLLLLLL mine. No earthlink or any other bs.
          That is why I hated being a dsl tech. The company I worked for gave out all this crappy software people didn't need and it just frustrated the hell out of the customer when it didn't work. We couldn't tell them to just delete it all or else we would get fired. So it was a real touchy situation to get them to understand they "didn't really NEED it" to run the internet connection.

          It was SBC Yahoo, they suck so bad it isn't even funny. Poor poor people that don't know what they are getting into.