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  • Turbo10

    New internet search service launched.

    One, it's called Turbo10. It's called Turbo because, spokeswoman Megan Hamilton explains "we wanted a name that connoted speed. Also the word 'turbo' has the same meaning across a number of major European languages".

    The "10" is vital to the search engine. Megan says: "The 10 is used because we show 10 results per page, we connect up to 10 target engines, and we show the top 10 topic clusters for every search." It's still called Turbo10 though. However, if you remember correctly, everyone thought "Google" was a bit of a silly name when it first appeared in Beta.

    Turbo10 is cluttered. It's cluttered and the colours (dark blue and purple) will not be to many people's tastes. A far cry from the liberating white space in Google. Is this a return to the bad old days of over-complex search engines? No, because when AltaVista was king, all those extra bits were useless add-ons and got in the way. Every single bit of Turbo10's page has a very real and very useful function.

    The results are tightly packed in and the description of where your search request is in the document is not that great. It sometimes contains a meaningless jumble of words and it seems a little buggy in that it sticks the wrong thing in sometimes. We imagine this will be ironed out as it comes out of Beta.

    Turbo10 does not let you use punctuation marks or logical expressions (well, it does, but they have no effect). Now, your immediate reaction is "that's rubbish - how the hell will I get at what I want?" But after playing with the site a bit, you realise that this reaction is due to the Google (and many previous engines) mindset you have for searching the Web.

    If you assume for a minute that you can get exactly what you want without having to use the various refining techniques that we have all learnt, then this non-use of logical expressions is a positive thing. Basically, Turbo10 has a different philosophy of Net searching and after a while you start to get it.
    the reg

    Search >>

    Please note: The site is currently down, a victim of its own success no doubt?

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    Update: The sites back up, but the search function is currently disabled.


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      So if they only access Other search engines, why use them? Nearly All search engines use google anyways, so why not just get it from the source?

      Do they really think we need a million and one links coating the edges? I don't know, is there anything else they have to offer?

      Things aren't looking good, Their first two links on their page are "Add Your Site" and "Advertiser Login"

      They days of paying to have your web site hosted are over. And if they've already got an advertiser login, watch out! Spam spam spam.


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        Sorry but I forgot to post that Turbo 10 is up and running again.


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          Well, I must say I am somewhat intrigued buy the results. My own personal benchmark for search engines is the ability to find info about people i know who have unique names. Anyways, google finds all of their current web sites, and while Turbo10 did not find any of their current sites, it founds LOADS of old sites from 1997, 1995, etc. Very interesting. So I bookmarked it, I must say it did better than I expected.