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Broadband Isues Plz Help!

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  • Broadband Isues Plz Help!

    Hello all Tweakers out there hows comp rates?
    Well my problem is this (first of i am a sucker at computers nowadays) anyway second problem is about my Broadband Tweaking... i have no idea what to do what so ever i using the Dr.TCP proggy as recomended in the Tweak guide but i have 3-4 networking adapters in the scrolldown menu right besides the MTU option square their names are as follows:

    1: 1394 Net Adapter
    2: Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connection
    3: Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connection
    4: Microsoft TV/Video Connection

    The Number four i have no ide why it shows up here maby someone do!? and Why i have to of the Intel PRO is becouse i have two network card installed for the moment (i think thats why anyway) i have IRQ problem whit it for the moment so ill think ill have to disable it.

    So now till the question )
    Wich one of the 3 (4) shuld i use when setting my MTU???
    And i also need to know what type of ADSL i have!!!!
    my ISP is (Swedish Telia) and my conection is supposed to be a 512kbps line

    I tricked around whit the diferent tweaks and tested the speed on the site and it showed
    469kbps or something on the red long line for downloading and 200 something on uploading (i reached 474 for uploading at on time.... And then suddendly it all changed and i had only 200 something for upload and under a 100 for uploading so i returned to originally preset options.

    Help me out please whit these questions it would be great to get it working

    Some spec:
    Windows XP Home SP1
    ZyXEL ADSL Prestige 645 Modem
    Dr. TCP v021
    (i dont know if i have PPPoE or not, how can i tell if i have or not????)
    ISP= Telia (from Sweden)
    ADSL 512Kbps

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    469 is pretty close, u gotta account for overhead and phone line quality.


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      You should use either 2 or 3 depending on which nic ur dsl line is plugged into, the two Intel Pro's do show up because you have 2 nics plugged in, if one isnt being used I would suggest taking it out :thumb: :cheers:


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        you could just keep both in