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SLI: Pink hue, flicker, goes away in windows

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  • SLI: Pink hue, flicker, goes away in windows


    I am SLIing two GTX780-DC2OC's, and in Windows (7-64Bit) most of the time display is ok. Cards are stock. Most of the time when I run Heaven benchmark or load a game I will get a pink hue to the screen and some green artifacts, sometimes with flicker. Some times is will only last for a few seconds and then be ok, and sometimes it will stay that way until I tab back to Windows. At which point the display restores itself. I can pretty much rinse and repeat on demand.
    Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea's about things to try to eliminate?

    Once I unplug SLI I can overclock either card and it runs fine.

    Thanks in advance.