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Flaky DDR?

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  • Flaky DDR?

    I just had a wierd experience. Ok so i entered my BIOS, and looked around (for what reason im not sure). I decided to up my RAM to 200 from 133, so with that done, I saved and exited. For some reason the voltage was already set to +1%, I think that was from when i was running it at 200 before. So anyways, when the machine booted, I had no video output, and a long POST beep... First thing I did was reset the CMOS (for somem reason it didnt reset??? even when i yanked the battery). When that failed, I looked at my video card. Had no problems with it before, but to be sure I tried an old ATi I had sitting around (I think it said Mach64 on it, 1MB), and no luck there either. So by that time I had visions of a fried CPU or MoBo. I then tried pulling everything out and ran it with only the bare neccessities. Still nothing. I pulled out everything and put it back in, again nothing. After some playing around, I pretty much narrowed it down to the CPU or RAM. I pulled out the RAM, clean off the dust, played with it, stared at it, plugged it back in, and vola! Shes up and running!

    Now, why would it do that? Is my RAM (Which is DDR2700 256MB Samsung) like half dead? Could it be an OCing result?

    Im sure with RAM prices this cheap Ill be heading out to buy 1GB or 512MB anyways, but this stuff is 3 months old, it should be fine. Any help would be great, thanks.

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    Did you pull the plug???
    ATX power supplies give power to mobo even when the computer is turned off. So when you pulled the battery there was still voltage coming from PSU that kept the settings alive.
    Thats what i think.