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  • Magic CDRW drive

    Formatted my friends comp the other day and installed a fresh copy of WinXP, but i'm having problems getting his magic 16x10x40 cdrw drive to work. He has a pentium 2 450 computer with 128mb ram. He was running XP before and the cdrw drive was working fine, but after we formated and re-installed it seems like it wont read the cd's. We put a blank cd in the drive and it says there is no cd inserted. On boot up it recognizes the drive is there, but when we go into my computer and double click on the drive it opens up a folder, but there is nothing in the drive. I've tried uninstalling the drive and re-installing it and everything, but i'm still getting the same problem? is the drive screwed or what?

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    maybe the drive is not magic at all... i would check the manifacture site if there is one, also play around with the drivers for it, its all i can think of