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[ISSUE] Keyboard Multimedia Keys Never Release

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  • [ISSUE] Keyboard Multimedia Keys Never Release

    Hello there,

    A while ago I updated Razer Synapse and my keyboard's multimedia keys broke (sad face). Wasn't a terrible thing because I never used it, but now that I'm using my computer more frequently it'd sure be helpful.

    I contacted Razer telling them that updating Razer Core and Synapse broke my keyboard, maybe it flashed it (assuming it has some sort of memory?) or it changed a core driver for no reason. They responded with "We did some research and found out it's not our product, we can't help you."

    So now I'm here to ask real people and not bots.

    My keyboard is just a cheap DX-WRK1401 nothing special. Everything else works fine, just the multimedia keys at the top. You can press them and they'll register as being pressed, but never registered as being let go, resulting in volume stuck at max/min, calculator only opening once, etc, until my computer is restarted or the keyboard is replugged.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.