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Netbook CPU clock problem

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  • Netbook CPU clock problem

    Hey guys, got a bit of an odd issue and was wondering if anybody had any idea what to do.
    Got an Acer V5 with an i5-4200u and the other day i dropped it. Yep, clumsy move.
    New screen off ebay, checked HDD in desktop, no broken cables inside or anything. All good, right? New screen goes in, go into bios and everything looks good, then boot into windows.
    I noticed everything was loading much slower than normal and figured the HDD might've actually copped some and i might need to replace it - but it's once i noticed it lagging slightly while scrolling that i got worried.
    Opened some programs, and sure enough, this:

    If you can't open it, that's my i5-4200u sitting at 800mhz and refusing to speed up despite 100% load and perfect temperatures.
    Now, it's meant to be a 1.6ghz CPU but it usually sits at 2.5ghz or so due to turbo boost, which makes it very fast for what it is and the reason i replaced the screen instead of getting a new laptop.

    Can anybody think of any reason this might occur? Is there something around the motherboard i should check?

    I ended up actually finding the problem, although for the life of me i can't figure out why it might be so.
    Turns out, the clocks drop and stay at 800mhz if i have my nexus 7 plugged into the USB3. And only USB3 - so far it hasn't happened when i've had it plugged into either of the USB2 ports. And it's only the Nexus, tested the USB3 port with a portable HDD and a mouse and neither produced any problems.
    Very odd.
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    Re: Netbook CPU clock problem

    Why is the Nexus 7 plugged into the Acer V5, transferring files?

    How do you charge the Nexus 7? Via a USB port connected to its charger. But it will charge from the power supplied by any USB source connection.

    So I guess would be the Nexus 7 is drawing so much power from the V5's USB 3.0 port (more than available from USB 2.0), that the V5's processor is throttling due to lack of power.