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issue: cpu and gpu throttling at the same time

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  • issue: cpu and gpu throttling at the same time

    So ive recently got my CPU stable at stock speeds with a nee bios update, now time to address another issue.

    While playing DayZ last night I would get my usal average frames 40-50ish in the woods 20 25 ish in large towns :( thats just dayz but every 10min or so I would get large fps drop even when getting smooth fps in the woods, my frames would drop to about 5-9 fps for about 2 to 4 seconds. I was running msi afterburner in the background to check my clock speeds and both my GPU and CPU seam to drop a lot in performance. .. what would cause both cpu n gpu to drop or is my cpu causing my gpu to drop. Heres my specs.

    Motherboard: Asrock 970 extreme4
    CPU: AMD 8150
    GPU: GTX 770
    RAM: 16gig Kingston ?? 4x4gigs
    PSU: 800watt Coolmaster Gold+
    Case: Coolmaster HalfX
    COOLING: Thermaltakake water 2.0

    Edit: I can elaborate more during my lunch break/aftet work. Had to squeeze this in before work on my phone sorry for any details left out/ bad grammar.
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    Re: issue: cpu and gpu throttling at the same time

    Just throwing this out there, as it might help to narrow down the root cause, and you seem well versed in monitoring stuff,

    can you run something like RealTemp and something to monitor voltages ?

    It might be useful to see if the throttling you are seeing is related to thermal values, or perhaps even a voltage droop issue