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Soyo DU Platinum Fix (sound)

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  • Soyo DU Platinum Fix (sound)

    Well, after losing all my hair and then growing it back again, I figured out that firewire really hates the On-board Audio for the DUP. I took out the firewire card and whammo! works. This may not have been the only thing that was upsetting the Audio though. A large amount of drivers were installed in the process and a good combo may have done the trick. If you have the sound problem that I once had, please discuss it here> I will help in any way possible! If you are like me, 6ch audio was one of the main reasons for getting this board. I also found out that the DUP can now support 2400+ and 2600+'s through a bios flash! Woo-Hoo! Extra Value!

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    Did ya try the firewire card in a different PCI slot? :?:
    If not you may find that it was sharing the same IRQ as the sound and that caused the prob. ;)