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    I have problem with this old pc :/ I bought cpu (not new one, cause its impossible for such an old pc) and also 1gb of DDR RAM(2x512 mb also not new) and pc just freezes. CPU is supported for sure, as its written on the allowed cpus for this motherboard. It freezes at random. I tried to run pc with old ram and this cpu and "new" ram and this cpu but it is just doin the same. First time I ran this cpu I got BSOD with message BAD POOL CALLER. This error has never happened again but it just keeps freezin. I tried to test all of the RAM sticks under the memtest 4,2 from cd(boot) and it showed 20 errors per pass(cca) on all of the ram sticks I have. Stress test on CPU for 20 min showed nothing (no errors). I dont know if the problems are cause by RAM or another HW. Memtest page shows that it shows error and it can be problem with memory but also cpu or motherboard. Im on ubuntu live cd right now. Dont know what to do. It can start windows and you can run some of the programs but after some time it just freezes itself. Any ideas, what should I do?