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onboard AC97 sound

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  • onboard AC97 sound

    may i know is Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 better or onboard AC97 sound better?

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    hmm you mean better how? better can mean different things to people u mean more user frendly, sound better, better quality.... ok i have tried them both and i would have to go for the creative sound blaster. On an older computer that i built the creative one had some hardware conflics in the install but overall it was not too bad. the Ac97 sound i have tried at a friends house and for some reason it got static or what ever off the CDrom when it was in use the Cdrom that is, this could of been an isolated case with many variables and i was not there to hook it all up and stuff so i dont know. But i did build another computer to upgrade my old one with the Ac97 sound built in and it works fine no problems at all. As far as the type of sound you get i would have to vote for the AWE32 as being better sounding this again is my preferance. Good luck :thumb: