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Agp 8x Versus Agp 4x

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  • Agp 8x Versus Agp 4x

    HI, I've got a problem, I'm cosidering buying a gf4 mx440 supporting agp 8x (there are 2 available one 4x and one 8x agp support)

    both have the same mx440 chipset but only differ in the agp, i want to know wat would be the best one to go for performance wise.

    And which one would give the best performance the mx440 with agp 8x or the new ati radeon 9000pro??

    please help!!

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    Do you have an 8x compatible motherboard. If you do, then you will see a little difference.

    for right now, you would probably be best getting the 4x mx440 card. It will be cheaper and there really wont be that much of a difference b/w the two cards in terms of frame rate.

    But here is another suggestion. Spen a couple of extra dollars and get a TI4200 will be much better and well worth the extra $. Also,, with that card I would stick with the 4x version!



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      If the Radeon 9000 is in your price bracket then go for it as it has support for DX8 where the GF4 MX doesn't. ;)


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        Thanks for the help.

        After some serious research last night i actually found that the 4x agp radeon 9000pro is faster and has more features than the 8x mx440 (the code name nv18 if anyone wondered).

        This 8x agp mx440 (nv18) is a fairly new card from leadtek and has only reached our shores a week ago! but is still outperformed by the cheaper radeon 9000pro.

        i'm on a stern budget right now so i'll settle for the ati and as soon as i build up some funds go for the new 8x agp cards that are set to come out in january.


        my system is:
        p4 2.4ghz
        gigabyte ga-8sg667 mb with ddr400 + agp 8x/4x/2x
        512mb ddr400 twinmos
        40gb 7200rpm maxtor hdd
        19" prof viewsonic flat
        16x dvd rom



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          sounds like a good plan. Let us know how your system is doing once you get the new card! :thumb: