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Transfering VCR home movies to cd's

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  • Transfering VCR home movies to cd's

    I had a person ask me the other day if anyone knew a good program or a way around this;
    What they have are home movies on VCR they want to transfer on to cd. He's put 20 mins of video onto on his hd, and once the transfer to the cd happens the sound transfers too fast to the video itself, so in the end the sound isn't in the right place, (ends up like a dubbed movie, I guess).

    Anyway, if anyone has done this, could they please explain how they done it and what prog they used.

    Many thanks to anyone that can help. :D

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    My wife has a vcr connected to her computer. She has an Ati card with vivo, and runs the audio to the line in port on her sound card (SB Live). She uses the Ati vid capture feature to acquire the video in AVI format. Capturing in AVI always seems to sync the audio. My machine is a little faster, so I run Nero to burn a vcd. Nero does the conversion to MPEG1 that vcd requires. We both run XPpro. Some 3rd party video apps have a setting (a checkbox) to sync the audio. We've run into a lot of screwy problems with various 3rd party apps when we start with analog video, but haven't had a problem with audio sync.