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asus sound card problem please help!!!

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  • asus sound card problem please help!!!

    hey giez i am having trouble with my asus board its a asus
    a7m 266 d with 2 amd mp 1800+ the problem i have is that my computer keeps crashing.. why its doing this i have no clue... i have narrowed it down to as being the sound card how to fix it i have no clue this is what happening........ i will be sitting in windows then all the sudden my computer crashes after some sound file goes on such as aim windows msn messenger. its not whenever sound plays its random crashes like i could be playing music and talking on aim and nothing then i get a "IM" ring boom it crashes i have gotten the problem more steady by getting sound card updates and stuff and changing jumper modes i reformated about 1 week ago i thaught i fixed the problem but i didnt a few days ago it started crashing agian and it hasnt been getting any better..lately its been crashing a few times a day driving me nutz. the errors look something like this its a blue screen its says some crap on what to do which i folowed then it says stuff about what caused the problem this one comes up all the time now DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_TO or something close to that and somewere and in some cases i ahve seen it say c media my onboard sound card. at the bottum of the blue screen it says dumping physical memory goes on til i restart the computer. i need some help bad i cant figure this out please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if this help i am using windows xp but i have tryed win 2000 thinking it may be better but nothing windows 2000 professional was crashing at startup sometimes i dont want to go buy a sound card if i can fix this problem.:flames: :flames: