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  • question about Video editing...

    Ok, I am in need for a Camcorder of some kind.... I would like to try copy the movies to my computer to edit them and possibly put them on a cd IF I can.

    I know I would need some kind of Capture card for regular VHS camcorders but what about DV cameras. Would getting a DV camera require any other special hardware?

    how is VHS and Dv cameras comparaded against each other for a person to do editing and saving them to a hard drive?

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    OK.. here's a brief rundown:

    If you were to go with the regular camcorder, then you would need a card or device on your PC to allow video input. The Radeon All-In-Wonder range of vid cards can do this, as well as a few other vid cards, or you can get a dedicated card to do it. Then it's simply a case of playing the vid through the device and recording it on your computer. Remember it's an analog signal though, so there is a slight issue of quality / conversion.

    If you went with a digital Cam (recommended) then you would need a Firewire port on your computer for connection. This is standard on more and more computers now, but if you don't have it, then you can simply purchase a Firewire PCI card. As the video is already in digital format, it transfers to your computer a lot easier than an analog signal. Also, with digital cams, when you transfer the computer can control the camera, grab certain sections and do all sorts of fancy stuff. The footage is also a lot clearer (depending on the quality of the cam) compared to analog.

    If you can, then definitely go for the digital cam / firewire combo. That's my 2c...


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      Thanks Beefy :)

      See if I left that in my sig...I would not have to tell you over and over and over again!


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        this sound good or bad?

        Panasonic leads the pack in innovative technology with their Mini DV Camcorder. As the forward-thinking picture-taker's companion of choice, it's jam-packed with exciting, convenient features--including the one of the longest optical zooms we've ever offered in a camcorder!

        Its 680,000 pixel CCD sensor boasts more pixels than any analog format and Digital8. Capture life's moments with two times better color and clarity than analog, and better than CD-quality sound, with a 100dB range. The powerful, 20X optical high-definition zoom lens acts like a telescope to produce sharp close-up shots. Seven different zoom speeds let you go from wide angle to full telephoto in anywhere from two to 22 seconds! And, the zoom ratio can be digitally increased to an amazing 300:1 for an incredibly close shot!

        The versatile camcorder also acts as an instant dual still camera. While in playback mode, you can hit Photo Shot and transfer up to 240 still images to the included 8MB multimedia card. The picture quality is adjustable: 320 x 240 or a sharper 640 x 480. Or, record up to 1,000 still images on one 80-minute tape in LP mode. A three-way PC link offers convenient transfers to your computer via Card Link for multimedia card, Photo Vu Link for USB, and iLink for Firewire.

        Dual Digital Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) compensates for unintentional hand and camcorder movement to help stabilize your recordings, even when recording from a moving vehicle or while walking. Use the same Dual Digital EIS technology in playback mode to help remove additional jitter from previously recorded video!

        All this, and the camcorder comes in an impressive, compact size that makes taking it with you a cinch! Includes rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB cable, multimedia card, and Arc Soft and Movie Messenger software.


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          sounds like the cam i've got sitting beside me here at work.. :) One thing though, digital zooming (300x) ain't all it's cracked up to be. sure, it makes the target look closer, but you do loose a fair bit of quality if you zoom too much.. but the cam is still pretty good..


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            great, It has been ordered!


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              I would think about what u wanna use the camera for. i film a lot of live bands in smoky venues with poor lighting & i couldnt get away with using a camera with less than a megapixel resolution. your camera does not meet those specs, but should be cool for low budge daylight shooting. And digital zoom shots look terrible most of the time in semi-pro editing. i have it disabled by default.

              DV is definitely the way to go for quick & easy capture / editing. get a cheapo firewire card for under $80 (AUS) & u will want to pick up an 80 gig 7200x hdd for capturing. one tip is to make sure u have enabled DMA on the capture hdd (via device manager). That will make sure u dont lose any frames on a decent system. another tip is to dedicate the 80gig hdd to firewire captures only. this minimises frame loss from fragmented drives.

              having a dedicated hdd also makes it easier to format now & again to keep things ship shape. i also recommend ditching edit suites such as ulead for adobe premiere 6+ quick smart!

              its cheap & easy to get into DV editing. good l


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                I like that last line.. Premiere is definitely the way to go for PC vid editing...


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                  Ok, Got the camera! I filled up a few tapes during a vocation to Holiday World....But I need to get a Firewire card! I am able to transfer video from the camera VIA USB but ti will only let me take up to 30secs of video. It takes 30-50 secs per second of DV footage I am transfering (atleast that is what the manual says)

                  I assume firewire/ilink will be faster and a better quality?...I hope so


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                    Firewire will be much better... Apart from being the same quality as the footage on tape, it will allow you to quickly copy the whole tape to PC if you want, as well as dividing it into little segments, depending when you started / stopped recording. It's all very nifty and a lot of fun.


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                      Ya, firewire is shazbot! DOnt get sucked into an expensive firewire 'kit' with unwarranted extras (usually something like Ulead Suite & some other crappy utils). They cost heaps more & all u really want is an oem pci card with a connecting lead. In australia u can get that for under $US35. Firewire DV captures @ around 3.6mb/s i think...