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P4 2.4 Overclocking Experiment

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  • P4 2.4 Overclocking Experiment

    Hey Guys @ TT,

    First and foremost I would like to say that your site and forum has been a priceless asset and guide for me. Without the information, guides, and reviews, I wouldn't be as pleased with the rig I currently have. Again thank you to all of you guys at TT.
    I imagine that you all have a lot better things to do with your time then read posts on the forum, but I wanted to pick your brains on the overclocking experiment that you guys did at TT.
    First, when I built my new rig, I based a lot of the components that I bought on that P4 2.4 Overclocking experiment that you guys did recently. To my delight, I have had much better result with my overclocking. I have my chip OCed to 3.06 with no problems at all. I found that I encountered a lot of problems when I upped the Vcore voltage past 1.575. I didn't need to up the VCore voltage very much past default. It's currently at 1.550 with the DDR voltage at 1.5. I also left the DDR ratio @ 2.5 instead of the 2.66 turbo setting that you guys used. This allow me to increase my FSB to 170, while my ram was only increased to 425mhz staying within its rating limit of 433mhz. Obviously, I couldn't have gotten my FSB up to 170 with the 2.66 turbo setting, because my ram would have been running way over its rating. I just couldn't understand why you increased both the DDR ratio to 2.66 and the VCore volt up to 1.77? In one way the experiment was a success, however, I find it was misleading as to how OCable the 2.4 P4 really is. Do you know what I mean? I have also achieved 17,223 on 3DMark2001 SE. I think in your experiment the 3DMark scores never exceeded 16,000, which was one of your goals. Anyway, I was just curious and wanted to see if you guys at Teaktown had any thoughts on this?


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    wow thats impressive O/Cing but what "guide" r u refering to?


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      This,, article I'd say. :devil win


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        omg i thought he was talking about that one that was like 2 years old LoL


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          Yeah, that's the article, but apparently no one has any feedback on my success with the 2.4.
          :shrug: :shrug: :confused: :confused: It's all good, I guess...



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            Well I'll move this then to where it should've been then.


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              Well your wondering why you might have had more success then the guys at TT? Different CPUs will overclock different, no 2 will be alike. Even 2 CPUs from the same waffer may be totally different.