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Swiftech review error.

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  • Swiftech review error.

    Typo on the 3rd page under 'The Base' subheading:
    "...full 10cm not including...full 1/2" of copper..."

    Primary school math tells me that should be 10mm, not cm.

    Rest of the review is nice. Ive been eyeing this 'sink off for a while. Its a fair way off being affordable unfortunatly. :(
    Would of been nice to see some Alpha PAL8045 results in the review as well, but understood that not everyone can include everything.

    Anyway, pity that board makers are dropping the 4 hole setup. Id much prefer this method of securing a heavy copper heatsink to my cpu than 3 plastic clips. Yikes.

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    Sorry... don't know how I missed this thread when it first posted, but the error has been fixed. Guess that's what happens when I try to do metric. :D

    I have reviewed the PAL8045 in the past, so you can see the results by going to the main Reviews page. The reason that the results were not included was that the Alpha review was done on basically a completely different system. That cooler has long been given away at a LAN event that TweakTown sponsored a while back, so it wasn't available to retest on this system.

    As to the four hole arrangement, I agree wholeheartedly. It is foolish to go away from the design when there are still a lot of folks who use a cooler that require them. MSI is the only one so far that I've seen with my own little eyeballs, but there may be more. I know that EPoX, Abit and Soyo for fact still use this socket design, so you'll still have choices.
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      Yep, its one of the other things putting me off buying a heatsink that uses the 4-hole system. These heatsinks arent exactly cheap, they start at around AU$80 with no fan. Thats alot of money to invest into a cooling solution. If my fav board makers suddenly decide to drop support for my heatsink preference, then im out 80buks, and more than likely look elsewhere for a motherboard that does suit my needs.

      Surely the heatsink companies can put it to the board makers to include support for their heatsink designs? Its simple really, Intel are doing the right thing (for a change) with their P4 heatsink attachment design. Why are we still trusting hundreds of grams and a bulky fan that spins at speeds greater than 6800rpm to 2 plastic clips?

      Bah, as long as the next shiny EPoX board has 4 holes, ill be a happy camper.


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        So far EPoX is sticking with the design. I have the 8K9A2 model now and it still uses the four hole design. But I was in my local computer geek shop the other day and noticed that the new Gigabyte KT400 boards are lacking the holes as well as the MSI group. Seems that some manufacturers don't care that a lot of their potential customers use this style of cooling still... and these manufacturers are touting their support for the Enthusiast crowd? Give me a break here!

        Manufacturers... are you listening?
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