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Tweaktown article on MSI KT3???

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  • Tweaktown article on MSI KT3???

    I read the Tweaktown article on the MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU, and I was just curious if anyone else has one? I have one, and the specifications they give aren't on my mobo. Is there a BIOS update that they have that I don't or vice versa? Any ideas?

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    All the specifications are basically the same as what is on the MSI site <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. What's different with yours?


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      The only thing I can think of is maybe you have the KT3 Ultra as compared to the KT3 Ultra-ARU. MSI use the same box for both models, there is only a sticker on the side that specifies whether its an "ARU" or not. The difference between the two is the RAID controller, USB2.0 controller and the 6 channel audio bracket (the ARU has these, the other doesn't). Hope that helps.


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        That's exactly why I wanted to know what he was missing.. :D


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          First of all, this is the link to the article. And though I may be a newb to this forum, I am far from a newb to computers, hardware, overclocking, and now watercooling. I know what mobo I have, it's the Ultra-ARU. It would be difficult to be booting from a RAID array with no RAID controller....

          Anyhow, the inconsistensies lie in the Overclocking section. ;) (Obviously these are inconsistencies in comparison to my mobo.)

          First of all there's no "Hardware Monitoring Setup". I don't know how low the FSB goes (why go lower!!! :D ), but my upper limit is 220MHz. Then the multiplier. Mine doesn't say "LOCKED", which, if my CPU were unlocked, I wouldn't be spending the $20 for an unlocking kit, and I would be at, at least, 1800MHz (see sig), if not more. Finally, the Vcore starts at 1.7V (instead of 1.1V) and goes up to 1.85 in .25V increments.

          So basically I'm wondering.....what version of the BIOS were they using? And if mine is more recent, why didn't MSI (or AMI, as it were) keep some of the settings, like the "LOCKED" on the multiplier. I'm also wondering if anyone out there has an MSI and has settings/options the same or similar to mine, or if theirs is like the article.

          I should probably be writing this to the author of the article, but I thought that you guys should be aware of the differences.

          My BIOS version is v5.2, in case any one was wondering. :rolleyes2


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            Mine has BIOS v5.3 and it is the same as yours. They must have had an earlier revision?


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              I'm not sure on this, but there's a good chance that they had a pre-release model of the MB, so it could quite easily be an earlier revision of the BIOS.


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                Really this should be in the Publication Discussion forum so I'll just move it there. :smokin:


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                  Thanks, I didn't know. But I thought that it should e some where like that (this). Anyhow. I can imagine that they may have had a pre-0release version, but even still, MSI reports that the upgrades they made were just that - upgrades. So can my BIOS tell me that it is LOCKED??? Can I start my Vcore @1.1??? Some of these thing would have been handy being an avid OC'er. MSI has a good rep, what happened? I still like the mobo, but the few differeing features that the article mentioned, some of them I would like to see.