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  • New chips on their way.

    12 x 200 - 2400Mhz

    Why can't I run this setting stable? I can do half a bench then crasch..

    I haven't added any ddr voltage but should I really need to do that with pc-3200 mem which haven't even passed over it's rating at that setting..?

    AGP locked at 66Mhz.

    Vcore tested every setting up to 1.8Volt!! :eek:

    Temps are fine, 38-40 due to winter and a open window.. :D

    Specs in my sig, there you also see my current oc which is rock stable for some reason,
    even with agressive mem timings..
    (11.5 x 200 - 2300Mhz)

    Any help would be greatly appriciated.. /THX