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  • mysql

    every time i click on a page from home page to forums im getting a MYSQL_CONNECT message and have to hit refresh to get page to load. iv got this on other web sites besides TWEAK TOWN too, so im thinking something with windows or my internet connection im using XP/sp1 with a cable connection. I am going through a router but my outher puter don't seem to be having this problem it has ME on it. I hope iv put this in the right place and someone can help me with this, as I don't have insurance on my puter so I can't burn it. THANKS BUDDY

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    im getting it aswell
    i think it may be a problem with the server or something im not sure but i dont think its your computer causing the problem


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      It has nothing to do with your connection. You would have seen MySQL errors on TweakTown recently due to high traffic levels. We are woking on it!
      Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
      Managing Director
      Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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        THANKS: I was fixing to reload windows BUDDY