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  • Talk Late Concludes

    the Communic8 service: "Talk Late" finished on the 15th...:mad: :mad: :mad:

    does anyone know if this effects Mobilenet Plan users? can they still ring for 15min free after 9pm?

    if they can, im thinking i will change to Telstra's Staff Plan (brother works there)...

    potential massive debt, due to no cut offs...:( :(

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    Hi Thoric,

    Talk L8 has ceased, but if you choose the "Freechat" option on Telstra plans, you can still have 15min calls for free to other Telstra mobiles after 9PM (including to prepaid mobiles).

    Telstra was having MAJOR problems with call congestion after 9PM, especially in Western Australia. Although I think the practice stinks, all the carriers cater for contract customers first. Prepaid customers have a very low return for the carriers, so they piss them off first. :shoot2:

    Why? Well, for example if I just signed up for a Telstra contract, and tried to make a paying call only to find the airspace congested, then I could technically go to Telstra and demand my contract be cancelled without penalty, as they did not provide "Every reasonable measure to ensure available capacity". And quite possibly keep the handset if I pushed the matter far enough. The carriers don't want this, so they push the lowest revenue customers first.

    Hope this clears things up for you :)

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      Thanks yeah it did.

      well communic8 now offers a 1c/1min offer to all Aussie networks (telstra, optus, vodafone etc)...only for the 1st fifteen minutes. After that normal rates apply.

      Instead of being charged by the second, its now by 30sec blocks.

      SMS charges have increased by 3 cents each from 22c to 25c.

      The 1c/1min offer is only on till around october i think...:(