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Best phone/plan for "complete" internet access

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  • Best phone/plan for "complete" internet access

    Hi all,

    I am looking for "complete" internet access from Mobile phone, that is -- not just an email or "fun stuff" like ringtones etc. but the ability to browse news, send web based email, check bank/brokerage account, and purchase air tickets using credit card, etc..

    Highly appreciate if someone could advise which is the best plan/phone for such a need right now in the market.. Being data intensive, this is ideal if billing is done per data volume, and does not consume air time -- if the same device can double up as mobile phone -- that'd be great too..

    Apart from high end replicas of computer (Treo, iPaq etc.) is there any mid-level device like Blackberry or sidekick that can help with this need? I tried to read up but cellular providers websites are quite ambiguous and elusive about data plans, so are their customer service folks. I'd rather rely on people using these services, so this query...

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    Re: Best phone/plan for "complete" internet access

    At the risk of sounding efficiuos, I can barely believe there are still net users paying $0.60 - $1.00 + per minute for long-distance and/or international calls. Why? There are a multitude of low cost and no-cost offers out there. Even here in little old New Zealand, I keep in touch with relatives across the globe for a measly NZ$44.95/month, and never pay for individual calls, because we all use an internet phone system. Gone are the days, for me at least, that I recieve phone bills save the line rental (compulsory here). Now the most important cost to pay is my ISP. Several years ago the powers that be in the internet world elluded to this outcome, but I don't think any of them knew or even know now, how much impact internet communications would have on phone companies. The best is yet to come!


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      Re: Best phone/plan for "complete" internet access

      I own the following phones.

      Treo 650
      Blackberry 7290
      Verizon Pocket Pc-cant remember the name. They are the only ones who sell it.

      Treo is the best phone for a phone.
      Blackberry is the best at sending E mail
      Pocket PC is the best for internet surfing. Carry portlable docs. View docs.


      Sprint is cheapest for internet. $20 unlimited, but horrible coverage where I live.
      T mobile has the best minute plan, but in my area not the best reception.
      Verizon has the best internet and phone reception but you pay for it $45 for internet. Minutes aren't cheap.

      Get the unlimited plan. My neighbor went on vaction and forgot to disconnect. Gone for 2 weeks. His bill was $4300.00. Verizon cut it in half.