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  • DoD 2.1

    DoD 2.1 is out!!

    This upgrade features the resurgence of several great maps, weapon tweaks, HLTV support and improved game play (as well as fixes for those nagging lag problems :) <--- Go there for a list of mirrors.

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    As an Avid player of DoD I'd like to say

    2.1 SUCKS

    Why cause it's heaps better in terms of smoothness an balance but they FIXED THE SNIPER RIFLE. Now all the little kiddies r camping with sniper rifle all round the map making life hard for poor me. an they toned down the MG so that it is not as effective.

    AHHHHGGGGGGGGGG. They made it easier to play.

    /end of rant/


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      well as an avid player of DoD, i think i like it, i just suck at it and dunno any of the OLD maps, as i come in on the tail end of 1.3b

      so I cant give it a slapping like BL does, because, its not that bad, i think the game has just become more challenging, all we need is better balanced class limits on per-map basis and we'll have a perfectly rounded match

      IMHO thats all that is wrong with DoD, class limits...but that was a problem in 2.0, like, 8 players on axis, 6 kar 2 MG

      now its like 1MG, 4Kar, 3 snipers, axis are painful now...then we have same team in allied, and its like 2 rifleman 3 snipes and 2 on BAR, and that is also a pretty mean force to reckon with, but on pub servers, things can play out rather least RAMBOs have been stopped :)


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        Originally posted by sKuLLsHoT
        at least RAMBOs have been stopped :)
        thats my raping gone :(
        TweakTown [email protected] Team


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          Arrrggggg The new Super weapon of dod is an Unscoped sniper rifle an a piece of Bluetack.


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            we find whiteboard markers work just as well. :)


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              marking it is for wimps