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  • Final fantasy x-2

    oooohhhhh baby look at rikku! Yikes!! *drool*
    can't wait till it comes out

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    It'll be interesting to see how they've continued the story line on this one. Sadly enough, I'm still waiting to finish FFX, as I lent it to a friend before I got through it and haven't got it back yet.. :(


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      Well, I did'nt lend it too anyone I rented it and got like 45% the way through the game and then had to return it. suprisingly when I came back 6 months later to rent it; it wasen't there! And when I went to go and try to buy it magicly it's not there anymore. So I guess I'll have to go and buy it from the mall or


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        I'll be posting some info on the game here soon.:afro:



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          Check out sites like GameSpot for info on the game...

          I've just started FFX again. Going through it with the expert Sphere Grid this time.. makes things interesting.


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            Well, could'nt find anything about it online at gamespot or playstation,but my 10.00$ playstation mag just happens to have some first hand reviews on it so I'll just copy it down here...

            Fantasy girls gone wild: Although we've already reported that the first-ever direct sequel to a traditional Final Fantasy game will be quite different from its predecessor, we're still blown away by how much Square is changing in X-2. This is certainly isn't just a quckie rehash usenig FFX's game engine and characters. Instead, wer're getting a new development setup to replace the sphere grid, one that's based on the Job Wheel from Final Fantasy Tatics and features a wide and wacky range of job classed, from gunner and gambler to pop star and mascot.[We're not sure what being a pop star entails, but we figure it can't hurt to have yuna and rikku act like pop tarts if they're gona look like pop tarts.]Characters can even switch job classes midbattle, opening up a range of new combat possibilities. Topping it off, battles feasture a dynamic Active mode that aims to speed everything up . and for those who decried the linear nature of FFX, this time around you'll have the airship from the verybegining , letting you explore spira at your leisure.

            But the coolest change has got to be the game's tone.X-2 seems to have a campy fell= a frivously fun Charlie's Angels style that's a refreshing break from the somber storyu lines found in far too many of today's RPGs. And what's not to love aobut that.

            Disclaimer: this was origionly published by Playstation magazine published by Square Ea.

            A few months back, Una stunnded the world with her sassy new look. This month rikku returns in rare form But where's eveyone's favorite goth goddess Lulu? Alas, she won't be joining the gal pals on their latest adventure a quest throught out spire to track down valuable spheres. Taking her place is a mysterious new Fantasy girl that Square will debut next mont

            Una and Rikku reger to their group as the Kamome, Which means seagull

            release date is fall so hold on to your butts.