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What is the best gaming console and why?

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  • What is the best gaming console and why?

    I want to know buy a gaming console and I hope you'll help me to decide. I do not have a lot of money, so price is important. However, quality is more important to me. So, what is the best one now and why?

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    Re: What is the best gaming console and why?

    Best console is PC ,before was COMADORE 64.AMIGA 500,500 + ,4000.
    xbox,playstation,and other consoles are for CAPITALISAM SALE...catch some films by alex jones and u will understood why
    You can allways buy yojpad and play games on PC and best of all u can learn something from it(PC) .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY RIG :
    Music and gamming workstation
    3*acer 24inch @1900*1080 @60 hz
    intel i7 920 @4.0 mhz + h50 push pull system with gentle typhons 2*
    gskill @ 1600 mhz @ 9 9 9 21 + corsair dominator fan
    2 * sapphire 5970 oc 4 Gb
    ud7 x58 rev 1
    4 * 1 tb Samsung f3 spinpoint
    2 * wdc 360 gb
    2 * lg combo dvd reader
    power suply 1000 watts corsair
    Corsair obsidian 900 with 5 gentle typfons fans
    Nezxt fan led control with 5 fan settings
    atc Micro Dowell 900 watts Power suply Battery