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  • PS2 modchip

    Instead of modding a PS2 myself I was thinking of ordering a premodded PS2 and save the headache of doing it myself .

    Is the DMS4 Pro S.E. chipped PS2 a good way to go since it cost more than the others?

    If anyone knows of a better place to order from than the link below, please let me know. Thanks in advance!!!!
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    Re: PS2 modchip

    if u got the money then get a premodded ps2 but its better to get a mod to put into your ps2 then buying a other ps2 that has a mod chip in it b/c u dont know what kinda chip they put in it and it will not work half of the time too


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      Re: PS2 modchip

      other then about this topie plz read the rules, we dont help out with this kind of stuff so...u better find a other forum for help