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How to connect a Playstation2 to a Computer

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  • How to connect a Playstation2 to a Computer

    I understand that this question was asked before, but this is a bit different

    I ordered a capture card and am waiting on the shipping...Now...I have a Geforce 6800 Ultra with no video inputs. The capture card I ordered is model number MM100PCTV. I ordered it specially for MSN webcam capabilities. Anyways, to the point. I was hoping to get 480p and 1080i (Do I have those right?) resolutions listed in some PS2 games like Gran Turismo 4 on my computer monitor. Its more than sufficient (21' IBM P275, maxed resolutions above 2048 x 1536). If this capture card isnt enough, what can get to hook up my computer monitor to the PS2 (Or through the computer, whatever works best) and enable the high resolutions modes that my crappy TV cant handle? Thanks in advance..

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    Re: How to connect a Playstation2 to a Computer

    hm........ I would just buy a better TV. It lets you show off more when your buys (or girls) come over.