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  • "only for" kickass

    wut are some kick ass gc games with the "only for" (gc) symbol on it??

    (exluding: Zelda ww, Metroid Prime, sMario Shun Shine)

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    Not out in some areas yet, but Soul Calibur 2 will be a good one. It's not 'Only For', but it's a special character on each console. GC gets Zelda, which beats the hell out of the others...


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      Get Ikaruga. It's a stellar 2D space shooter. All reviews on the net praise this beast, and I just got it for my dreamcast, and I know what the people are talking about! It's a great game, and plenty tough! Refreshingly adictive.. :thumb:

      I also have an xbox, but let me tell you that Soul Caliber 2 is going to be GREAT. I have the original for my DC, but once SC2 comes out I might actually buy it for xbox!


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        ya I saw a vid of SC2 for game cube and there was Link fighting afainst the other guys and it was kick ass.. we could say its an only for cuz it has xtra characters..... I also say that Zelta: tera Tracker (or somfin like that) is gona com out... and Mario cart double dash

        Im gona wait for those so bad