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  • Reduce CPU Usage

    Does anyone know of a way to slightly reduce the ammount oc CPU Time Seti uses. Im using the CLI Client and I'd like to reduce the usage to between 85% and 90%.

    The reasons being are, I run SETI on my laptop pretty much all day, however because SETI uses all the remaining CPU Time, the fans in the laptop run at full speed continuously. I wouldn't normally mind this but trying to sleep through the noise they produce is impossible !!

    Any Ideas ?

    Thanks !

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    If ya usin' the CLI version with SETI Driver then ya can set the priority to low but whether this will help ya with ya prob I can't really say as I don't use laptops/notebooks.


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      No, regardless of the CPU Priority, SETI will always use the remaining idle CPU Time causing 100% cpu usage and therefore the fans continue ti operate at full speed.

      I need a piece of software that can physically "cap" the ammount of CPU time any given process can use. I've scoured the internet but Im yet to find anything that even closely resembles what I'm looking for!!

      Thanks for the suggestion tho !

      Anyone else ???


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        No, sorry I have not heard of a program that will do what you ask. However, the new client, Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) will have the ability to set the amount of resources that are used.

        In the meantime, you may grow accustomed to the noise. Although, I am not very familiar with notebooks and do not know what yours sounds like. ;)


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          Ya may want to look into something like this.