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  • Seti as a Service

    OK, I think I found a good little way to hide SETI client as much as possible.
    I found it while looking for couters. here's the link to the site:
    and this is to the file itself

    Now it does require a command line client.
    After few minutes of messing with it, here;s what i know.
    you need to rename the CLI client, so that this proggie can use it.
    It is all done from a command line, but has a nice tutorial on how to set it up.
    also it doesnt store extra WUs, so you need to have access to the web to get a fresh WU after you start crunching.
    since I dont, I stopped there. but it looks like some of you might like it, so I figured Id share this little gem.

    BTW I will be trying to get it going on a system thats connected to the web, so if you guys use it. Let us/me know how it goes.

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    You gonna add that onto your website? I may decide to try using the CLI again so It would be nice to have in the future.


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      I'll stick with SETI Driver thanx all the same. :devil win


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        Wiggo, I am staying with SetiDriver as well,
        But mainly because it cannot store extra WUs, so it needs to be connected to internet to get a new one. If it could only store WUs I would be switching.
        Although I will try to use it in "other" machines.


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          OK, I got around to playing some more with this thing, and I am very impressed!
          This little bugger has some serious features included!
          i can monitor the progress through their cool interface from any system on my lan. Giving me info on:
          CPU (can be installed on multi proc systems)
          CPU Time
          CPU Time Left
          %/CPU Hour
          and Status

          It has built in log, and User links.
          User one is the one that really impressed me. gives you basic info, but not sure yet if its up to date. or just when WU was downloaded. Log is pretty simple, but nice nontheless.
          It works with SETIQue to store the WUs, so I might give that a shot. And if all goes well, I might be switching from SETIDriver.