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  • concerned parent

    has anyone ever heard of an lolmachine before? its really bugging me, i dont even know what it does
    or what, my son and my daughter use the term loosely in there IMs i figured id ask around in a couple of
    forums to find out what it ment

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    Re: concerned parent

    Click here
    The suffix "machine" is more or less meaningless. There's nothing perverse or vulgar about the term lolmachine.
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      Re: concerned parent

      Using my commonsense, LOL means Laugh out Loud, so Lolmachine is a term for a cute joke. But then again, It bugs me...


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        Re: concerned parent

        I'm not a parent so I wouldn't know exactly how this person feels, but it seems like the poster of this thread would fall into the "over-bearing" and "controlling" categories of parents..

        I'm sure that I wouldn't want my parents to be reading my IM conversations... and even if they did and found me to be saying poopoo peepee kaka (say I was 9 and not 19), they should talk to me face-to-face about anything they find innappropriate, instead of registering for online forums to ask strangers anonymously and thus preserve their ability to snoop around in their kids' business.

        ..sorry i come off so bitter, but thats's just how i view this.
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