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    <CenteR><Small>secret.<br>one day i'll admit it<br>one day you'll know the truth<Br>one day you'll know the secret<Br>i've been hiding so long from you<br>i doubt you'd understand<br>that's why i've hidden it<Br>it's so hard to tell you<Br>it's so hard for me to admit<Br>i don't know if it'll hurt you<br>or if it won't worry you at all<Br>i've kept it from you
    cuz' i'm not ready for another fall<br>yet i don't think you're ready<Br>to know the truth i hide<br>i'll keep it locked away<br>until it's ready to come outside.<p>distance killed our love.<br>i'm sitting at a truck stop<br>twenty miles from no-where<Br>no-one but the workers here<Br>and they don't seem to care<Br>everywhere i turn<Br>and everything i see<Br>reminds me still of you<Br>and what we could have been<Br>yet distance killed our love.<Br>it stabbed it in the heart.<Br>it ended so suddenly<br>i didn't see it start.<br>i can't picture us anymore<br>the tears wipe away my dreams<br>i guess i fell inlove with words<br>and i was just too blind to see.<br>words are nothing but words<br>promises are made to be broken<br>and i guess our love will be split forever<br>until we empty the ocean.<P>merry christmas.<Br>wings:</centeR></small>