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    ooc: or "Out of Character" is used to express your views or something else before or after you post, it distinguishes the difference between being yourself and being your character. Just yeah, for you new RP-ers. This is the first time I've opened and RP, so if it's not so great, I'm sorry. I'm certainly trying my best. Just go's a lot of fun.

    ic: (In character) The sun rose out above the horizon into the blood of new birth. The wind, her silent yet violent voice called and cuddled the little bar situated in the small volatile town of Sudridge. It was a town where raids were the norm, theft was not necessarily a crime and night was never a time to sleep.

    Amongst all the wreckage and the slum, was just a small ounce of life, much different to the rest. She was an elaborate figure of all things. Yet she was the very essence of contradiction in this poverty-ridden corpse of a town. She had the youth of a teenager, yet her expression and demeanour belonged to that of someone beyond her years. Adele O'Darian, a wild child, an outcast and a hit with the locals, her profession in this ragged town lay within the bar. As a dancer slash entertainer, she was skilled in her 'talent' yet she was defensive to her own rights nevertheless to keep the roving hand away.


    Adele stood out on the wide porch outside her home, her life or simple the bar itself. Staring out as the day begun slowly, that golden halo reaching up into the bleeding depths. With a cup of coffee in hand she watched in almost complacent boredom. She smiled to herself. What did the new day bring for her she didn't know. The cool breeze which came normally around this time rippled harmonious through the air and kissed at her sea-blue hair lightly bringing out floating. A voice called out to her from inside the building.

    "'Dele, really. Do you think you should be hangin' out here every mornin'? You know the raids'll be startin' soon."

    "Yes, Sammas, I know. But it's so nice out. It's the only break I get these days." She called back to him not taking her eyes away from the scene. "Sammas" was the name she gave to the owner Sam Wendel.

    "Yes, I have to agree with ya darlin', but now isn't the time. It gets progressively worse over this time of year. 'Dele, I didn't tell you a strange little man came in askin' about you the other night. Seemed interested in your 'talent'...danger if you're askin' me." Sam answered with a cautious tone.

    In the distance only a few metres away, sounds and the calls of animated bustle. Thieves actively roming the streets.

    "I believe it has started, this should be interesting..." Adele grinned widely.

    "Now 'Dele, control yourself. It's dangerous out there." The bar owner scorned her as if she was a child.

    "Now Sam...I can take care of myself." She laughed, teasing him and flashing her daggers at him.

    Edit: Hell, that was long, sorry. Be specific where you are and you'll be fine :thumb:

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    A strong gust of wind blew up around the cliff edge while frothing waves broke themselves against the base of the shear, jagged rocks. At the top of the cliff edge, a hundred metres above the hungry sea, a lone figure stood, its stare transfixed on the endless horizon as the strong salt filled air tugged at the long black robe. The figure stood a daunting 8 feet from the ground, with slim wirily mussels pulled taunt, tangled about every limb. The deathly pale white skin contrasted strikingly with the deep black and the blood red of the figures cloaks as they rippled in the wind. Long white, dry hair stretched down over the high collar, down the long back, hiding the tell tale pointed ears of the Elvan race. The icy blue eyes closed as Giladril drew in a deep breath and turn towards the city stretching out behind him. It had been a long while since his last stop and his perpetual but wary limbs needed rest. A mental sigh passed through him as he looked forward to the much needed recuperation that this city would offer for the next few days.

    With strong steady strides Giladril glided with elvan evenness until he arrived at the city gates, they would have been overwhelmingly intimidating with their shear size and strenght to any one who had actually cared.


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      Ogiratem sat cross legged out side a small café he had found in this quaint town, he looked from side to side slowly sipping the drink he held.....what did they call it again? Cowfee? Whatever it was, it was good stuff! He felt envigorated, not sleeping for a week probably wasn't such a good idea, but he needed to get here urgently....important business to take care of!

      From his position he looked calmly around the street, where was this building supposed to be, usually a 'pub' stands out like a said animals said private' he looked he felt his cheeks start to burn, damn! He looked up at the bright sun a hand darting to his collar to bring it up over his face, the tan-face paint he wore was starting to fry in the sun, that was never a good thing....he looked around at the surrounding 'audience' to make sure no-body had paid attention to his quick movements, and rose slowly and calmly from his chair and moved inside....he looked around and moved in to the bathroom.

      He peered around the blank walls until he found the reflective surface he saught.....he moved up to the mirror and stuck his face so close that puffs of mist formed on the glass as he breathed. He reached into his pocket with one hand and removed a small tube squezzing out a generous amount and applying the substance to his face to cover his green skin that was starting to peek through the drying 'cover'....he then proceded to snarl into the mirror making sure his fangs weren't starting to show to the he reached for a small file in his opposite pocket and started slowly file a round edge onto the hulking fangs that protruded from his bottom jaw he shook his head sadly, appearances so disgusting they have to be hidden! How pathetic! He shook his head and put both items back into his pocket...turned and left, pulling the black over-coat he wore tightly around him, re-adjusting the buttons, he took a quick look down at the coat as it hung tightly around his body right to the floor, he nodded with a smile and pushed the door open fast and strode out.

      He sidled up beside a waitress, the maid who had tended to bringing him the cowfee...."Excuse me maam, where would the..." he reached inside his coat and with-drew a small piece of paper from one of the many pockets and read it slowly, "..the Sudridge Royal...inn be found? he said the words slowly, licking his lips delicately at the end of each word, the words coming out in perfect sylabbles in a light, 'soothing' tone, as he talked his deep blue eyes searched her face over the top of the reflective glasses he wore, a smile that appeared on his face only breifly, not even giving it enough time to get to his eyes when he finished talking.

      She raised a slight, slender eye-brow at him when he finished talking....he put his hands behind his back and tilted his head to one side keeping his eyes locked on her.....she tryed to smile at him put failed, only a quirky, confused and worried look making its way to her face, " Well, er...uhmm, sir, its over....there?" she raised a hand and pointed in the direction of the corner and started to back away, her mouth was twitching....and she had no idea why....Ogiratem bowed his head with another fleeting smile and turned on his heel and walked out accros the road.

      He turned to look over his shoulder as he walked, both hands clasped behind his back, he looked up to the direction he had arrived from last night....such large gates, must have taken hundreds, if not thousands to build...quite impressive! The frame shone in Black brillaince....that amount of Volcanic Glass would have taken years to move here! The frame was entirely made of it! He wasn't sure what the actual gate was made from, it seemed to change texture constantly, sometimes growing as clear the cleanest water, but others growing to the tendency of the hardest metal, Ogiratem smiled and shook his head, amazing stuff.....he would love to get his eyes on some of that stuff, it would go quite well in his apartment back home.

      He turned the corner at a slow stride and looked around the city seemingly for the first time, from the rumours he had heard this town got run-down by riots and raids quite often, if this was the case the place must have some VERY good architects! It was built quite well....and surprisingly enough the people of the town although their apparent peril from all the attacks seemed rather happy? How strange.....

      He looked around and noted that his desired location was finally nearing, the long sign that protruded from the edge of a building he was currently walking under proclaimed it to be 'The finest Inn in the lower quadrant'.....Ogiratem cared little for that, but he would beleive it from what he was sent to get, not too many common establishments would hold a book of this 'calibre'.

      He came to the door and stooped as he came through the door to avoid knocking his hat off, once he was in however he reached up with one gloved (he had put them on as he walked here) hand and removed his hat, letting long locks of pure white hair fall down his back. He looked around the room he had entered, hidden behind his spectacles, apparently the item would be hidden behind a bookcase in one of the back-rooms....perhaps for now it would be better to bide one's time, he looked to his left and found a perfect table hidden in the shadows of the far corner, he made his way small child screaming for some un-known reason when he looked up at the new-comer as he walked by, Ogiratem smiled at the reaction....youth were always so amusing.

      He sidled into the booth and looked around, it seemed that a young waitor had followed him, "And what would sir...." The waitor seemed to break into a coughing fit when Ogiratem brought his face around to stare at the young man he had just placed his hat on the table and brought his glasses down the bridge of his nose so he could get a look at the boy,"uhmmm...would you, errr, like anything?". The 'disguised' orc tilted his head to one side and considered the boy's honest and jerking features on his face.

      "Now I'm sure you aren't getting paid at this 'fine' establishment to be are you? Anyhow young man, I will be telling your superiors once i am finished my stay," the young man's face fell into grave sadness, "But for now you can get me a pot of cowfee....thats what it's called isn't it? Lovely stuff if i must say so myself.....And a clean cup, thankyou." The boy stood their shocked as Ogiratem slowly and deliberately sat at the table and moistened his lips, "What are you waiting for boy? Go..." The waitor scuttled off, Ogiratem watched him go shaking his head and leaning back into the cushioned seat, thinking about the job ahead.....



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        War drums echoed across the plain, reverberating off the jagged rocks that filled it and rolling over the inhabitants in the little town ahead. Araduun strode tall, a fearful and shadowy monster amongst the host of raiders, pillagers and typical no-good scum. He cast his eye disdainfully upon them, taking in the mismatched armour, pitiful weapons and rag-tag appearance of the little band. how had he got mixed up with the likes of these? He sighed, a long, soul-wrenching sigh. There must be better things than THIS.....
        He turned his gaze forward to the weary town ahead. Heavy, imposing gates barred the way to a pathetic huddle of buildings. This wasn't a TOWN. It was a HOLE. What could be worth pillaging in a place like this? Once it may have been an impressive and powerful city, but the hand of Providence had long forsaken it. Again, Araduun sighed and shook his head. This was not a raid, this was a pack of dogs throwing itself on the scraps. It wasn't worth it.
        With that thought, the skeletal figure arrived beneath the looming presence of the city perimeter. The walls stretched away on either side, but full of crevices and crags where the inhabitants could not be bothered to repair them. Looking up, he saw the only remains of the proud past - a massive gothic archway in which was set two enormous wooden doors. Heavy iron bars held them in place, barred in a hopeful attempt to keep at least SOMEONE out in the ensuing raid - the catches, though worn, were still strong. Araduun raised his gauntleted fists, his cloak billowing from his arms as he leaned his deathly strength against that sturdy portal. With a terrible, creaking roar of defiance the doors shuddered and gave way....


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          With the wind whistling through his hair, Bhren still couldn't help but have a sense of unease. **THUD** .Bhren partially winded rolled around on the ground holding his buttocks. "OOOWWW my butt... oooooo how it hurts, owie owie owie. Screw fixing this roof with all these loose tiles, my uncle can do it his damn self!!" Picking up his injured bum and his pride along with it, Bhren stumbled to the front of his uncle decrepit old shack. In a raised voice Bhren probably talking to noone "Uncle, you can do the roof yourself, its too dangerous...." As Bhren stepped around the corner of the shanty he saw a little brown imp running from his uncles front door.

          Bhren yelled out "Hey... what are you doi..." The imp stopped briefly and turned just enough for Bhren to see a bloodied knife in his hand. In horror Bhren ran to the front door to see his uncle laying slain on the kitchen table. Bhren's horror turned to angst as he turned his head in the direction of the fleeing imp. What Bhren didn't see was the alchemiac explosive beside his dead uncle. **SSHHHHHHHHHH....KRAKKKK.... BBBOOOOOOOOOOOMMM**

          Like a rotten banana, pieces of Bhren's body was torn away as he was thrown through the air. The explosion annihilating the shack and many others around it. Pieces of debris landing all over town. Bhren's limp body sailed through the air crashing through the back wall of the local inn, shattering through a bookshelf into a hidden chamber. The human's body slid to a halt knocking some sacred book off its podium which landed on top his body.

          Mysteriously the book glowed and came to life, flicking through page after page getting brighter and brighter with each turn. At the last page the book snapped shut. As Bhren's limp corpse lay there his soul slowly rose out of his body but at the same time the glow from the book also rose up. Bhren's Soul and the book's essence merged as one and with a roar of energy smashed back into the Bhren's corpse. The energy surged and the corpse slowly rendered back into its former shape. An unscaved Bhren shot up in a gasp of breathe...


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            For years and years there has been little peace for poor Ham.

            The night falls each day at the pace of a snail, slowly leading him towards the end of his shift at Friendly Jack's sushi bar and the beginning of his real work as a professional assasin

            This day had been slow for him, only one customer remained in the natural-walled establishment this late afternoon, silently chewing on tree bark, waiting for his meal to be prepared - he had ordered "fugu".

            In the kitchen, Ham was loudly lecturing his apprentice sushi-chef about the finer points of preparing "fugu"(blowfish).
            "Seshi, my student, grasp the blowfish behind the gills if you don't wish to be pricked!", "Yes master Ham",... "Good.... Seshi! For the eighth and last time, you cannot cut the blowfish abdomen that way or you'll end up killing someone!... Again... Darn, I sure hope the customer didn't hear me say that."

            Peering out from behind the beaded fly-screen curtain, Ham could clearly see the customer had left.

            The day dragged on and Ham seemed to change moods every six minutes, his body would fade at times as he would periodically transcend to another dimension to quell his chronic boredom. This unnerved Seshi, but Ham didn't seem to notice.

            "Master Ham, I don't think we will see many customers today.. Perhaps we should close up for the day?" suggested Seshi. Ham thought for a moment, his glowing green eyes narrowed and dimmed, he sat there for a few seconds until he finally said "Yes, we shall do that."

            After closing, Ham wandered the quiet streets, wondering about the lack of bussiness. his mind wandered as he strolled along in the hot baking sun, pondering what could possibly have occured, this continued until he happened upon a large gathering of people, at the helm was a travelling circus, drawing great attention, drawing great amounts of bussiness, "so this competes with our sushi bar?!!?!?? THIS IS TO BLAME...." Anger built up inside ham, his eyes glowed brightly and left energy trails, he walked toward the travelling circus, turning aside crowds with an air of great power.

            Seshi watched his master from a place in the crowd, he had seen his master this way before, this travelling circus had no idea, no chance, no way to stop Ham's BESRKER KILLING FRENZY...

            (to be continued)


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              ooc: balshazar is Malakai's pet tarantula

              ic: Malakai sighed as he looked down at the empty sushi dish. They did such good sushi at friendly jacks, even balshazar liked it and balshazar usually preferred to eat birds. He had ben eating his sushi across the road from a travelling circus set up in a field, Malakai sighed again and leaned back against a wall, just then he saw the chef from friendly jacks, the one that had glowing green eyes and went see through every few minutes. Except now the chef, "ham" was his name Malakai thought, had glowing red eyes.

              Malakai remembered last time he had seen hams eyes turn red, someone had complained that the fish in the sushi wasn't cooked, ham had replied in a voice that could raise the dead, "IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE COOKED YOU INFIDEL", the foolish patron had been thrown through a stone wall and Malakai had had to duck a thrown table.

              Now Malakai could see hams trademark BESERKER KILLING FRENZY weapon, a plastic fork, being brought out. Malakai dived behind a barrel as the screams started, he cautiously looked up ten seconds later as the wailing ended and saw that many people had been thrown to the ground with plastic fork stabs.

              Just then a heavy hand landed on Malakai's shoulder and the words "your money or your lifeeeee yyyahh" were spoken/screamed followed by a strange blubbing sound, as the hand slid off after being removed, permanently. Malakai looked down at the would be thief and said just one word, "naughty".

              Malakai took the thiefs money and returned to the inn where he was staying. The beaten down old building had seen better days, but the beer was good and it was a hell of a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the streets. After a few beers Malakai went up to his room and watched the late afternoon slip into evening and then the evening slip into night. There would be no raids on this inn, at least not by the same hoodlums as last time, Malakai had left one alive to tell his friends that raiding this particular inn was not a good way to reduce insurance premiums.

              crud this is long, sorry


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                ooc: (Who's idea was it for the sushi again? ...remind me never to accept Simon's characters again. *sighs*)


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                  Zanath wandered in through the shattered hulks of the city gates chewing on a dried up peice of shoe leather, being an immortal cursed to wander the earth had its ups and downs and Zanath currently was going through one of the downs.
                  ignoring the battle going on just inside the gates where the tatered remenants of circus tents blew in the brezee, Zanath headed up a side street to an old sushi joint he remembered, finding the door locked he thumped his head on the door and swore, then reached deep into his pouch and drew out a small yellow acorn, after staring at this in confusion for a moment he shrugged and threw it at the door. Which caused an explosion that blew him across the street.
                  after picking himslef up and extingushing several fires in his clothes and hair Zanath entered the resturant and ran into the kitchen where he proceeded to eat most of the remaining sushi and even the blowfish. feeling sated he then went to sleep on a counter.


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                    ooc: Ah, don't know if immortal would be the right word to use there. Besides it's not fair to use an invincible character. *pouts* you're not going to have an advantage anyway. The imagination far outweighs the profile of a character. Also, sorry about the change in avatar. -_-'

                    ic: Adele's amusement shifted quickly to concern as the well rusted town gates of Sudridge fell open with a loud clank and the movement of grinding metal.

                    "...the hell?" her voice incredulous, to the sudden event.

                    "You'd have to have a hell of a lot of strength to do that." She called back to Sam behind her.

                    Sam rushed to the young woman's side, peering over the side of the railings. "'Tis the start of the prophecy..." he said lower then a whisper, shaking his head in dismay.

                    Adele slowly turned to look at his face, he was no older then she was and it was obvious he still held a interest for her. She shook her head.

                    "I'm going out there." She said defiantly. Adele unsheathing her weapons, hushing the owner. "I'll be fine, really..." reassuring him.

                    "The start of the prophecy, what ...prophecy?" Her thoughts carrying the confusion shown on her creased facial expression. Running out to face the chaos head on, she deftly pushed herself against the flow of the crowd. Surprisingly, everyone made way for her as best as they could.

                    "Adele, where are you going?" A small girl looked up at her shyly, stopping dangerously within the stampede. Adele smiled down at her with a small grin.

                    "Going hunting..." Smiling widely to herself.

                    Reaching the town gates, as intriguing as they one were, they only beared the resemblence of an old powerful nation. A suspiscious figure stuck out above all. Stealthily creeping up against him, watching him almost ghostly in figure. Adele got up as close as she could and flicked her dagger out into his back.

                    "Don't flinch, the blade WILL hurt you. Who the hell ARE you?" She said with a determined stance, whispering into his ear.

                    ooc: I believe...I'm talking to Klik 'n' Kill's character, you're still at the gate right?


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                      Bhren sat up with a huge gasp and felt the object that lay on his chest, fall into his lap. Totally confused, Bhren sat there looked around the dank alcove where he sat. Directly in front of him a decent hole in the wall marked his entrance and just beyond that another hole with a little light creeping in barely lighting the alcove where he sat.

                      Trying to remember what happened, he stood up grabbing the book out of his lap. Putting his hand on his head, he last moments slowly came back to him, his uncle, the explosion and that IMP. "[I]So how am i still alive and so untouched or dead[\I]" Bhren looks down at the book he held in his hand. He flicked through the first few pages... there was nothing in it, he flick through the whole book and it was totally... empty.

                      Casting the book away "Lot of use this is to me...". As the book left his finger tip he felt a massive burn within his body, an energy that felt like his very soul was on fire. The surging energy soon overtook him, it felt like he was no long in control. A massive force dragged him through the floor boards and knee deep into the dirt below. Suddenly the energy leapt from his body in every direction.

                      The entire inn exploded... like a nuclear explosion within the inn shattered into trillions of pieces. Strangely it entire contents and inhabitants were left standing there mystified and totally unharmed. Sam the owner still looking down the street, felt a rush of air and pieces of wood and debris hitting him. He turned around to see his Inn gone. His jaw dropped, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he promptly passed out.

                      Ogiratem now sitting in the middle of nowhere, looks around the shattered debris and bewildered people. Of everyone there he was probably the only one who knew the cause of this harmless destruction.

                      Bhren suddenly coming back in control of his body found the book back in his hand. "What the hell was THAT??? That really really hurt... i've never felt so much pain." Deciding that that was the last time he'd be throwing this book anywhere, he pulled his legs out of the dirt and dusted himself off. Looking around he caught eye of a hulking stranger getting out of his chair. The beast pointed directly at him... "YOU..."


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                        Ham quietly chuckled, he hadn't had so much fun for weeks, maybe even months...

                        The circus people ran around so quickly, it was greatly amusing to catch them or impale them upon thrown tent poles. Searching about for a souvenir, Ham found Seshi, cowering under a bench.

                        "Seshi my buddy! What are you doing here? Why are you hiding? Stand up now." Seshi stood up, "Master Ham, why did you have to do that? You do this every month... Like last month when that parade ca- " "DON'T MENTION that parade ever again, I gave ALL MY MONEY to that 'money for the animals' guy, but he refused to yield ownership of any animals, when all I wanted was an elephant...." Tears streamed down Ham's face as he began to reminisce... "Anyway Seshi, we must get back to the sushi bar, bussiness should pick up any minute now" "Master" Seshi interrupted, "There's blood upon thy cloak" "Oh?" Said Ham, he looked around for a minute, then replaced his dirty brown cloak with a bright pink circus cloak.

                        Ham and Seshi arrives back at Friendly Jack's to find the door blown open, "Oh I say, Seshi, didn't you mention your violent cousin would drop by?"
                        "No, I don't recall anything of the kind.."
                        Ham thought for a moment,.... "Oh well, Jack can always buy a new door." Ham put out the sign saying 'open' and strolled merrily towards the kitchen, upon arriving he lay his eyes upon empty, dirty plates and the smell of cinders.... "Even the blowfish bladders are gone... That stuff could kill any normal man, or severely sicken any abnormal man" he walked towards the fridge for more supplies, before getting there he sees a strange looking man, the man awoke, he couldn't stand up and his limbs were jittering, he could not speak, only bark, Seshi could clearly see the man was blowfish-poisoned and terribly sick.

                        The man stared up at Ham, Ham studied the curious creature, "wow,.. Seshi, let's keep him!", Seshi began to speak; "Sir, he's obviously poisoned.." "Oh nonsense!" replied Ham, "Any normal man would have died from the amount of bladders that are missing, this is obviously one of those 'monkey' creatures i've heard about! Just look at him!", Seshi looked at the man, then turned to Ham, whose eyes were glowing bright yellow, with happiness. "Sir, you're insane," Ham decided not to hear that and quickly fetched a collar that his dog used to wear, he put it around the 'monkey's' neck and attached a tag that said 'Fred', "Seshi, get a dish of water ready! I'm taking Fred for a walk!" Seshi sighed...


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                          Ogiratem had just finished his first cup of cowfee and reaching for the pot when he the sounds of screaming and deaths of civilians floated through the door to his ears, he shot his eyes towards the doors and peered out to the road, he couldn't see much from his vantage point, except a few over-excited people dressed in strange clothing run past, he chuckled under his breath and finished pouring his cowfee, turning back to the table with a sigh and sipping at the mug, letting his still cold hands warm themselves on the toasty cup.

                          Moments later he heard another disturbing sound which made himself raise his tired limbs from the table, placing his hat firmly on his head and his glasses tightly over his eyes in one fluid motion, the sound of the explosion still ringing in his ears, he looked around, nothing had happened still in the inn that he was in, although he had heard a thump coming from behind the bar somewhere, the sound must have shocked someone back there as well, and made them fall. Ogiratem looked around quickly looked around bashfully making sure no one had noticed, he sat with traces of blush receeding from his cheeks.

                          Then something happened that just about made him roar in anger, the whole damn place exploded! Although he didn't move from his sitting position, the chair that he was sitting on disintergrated beneath him and fell to ashes at the ground, same with the table and the cowfee least he still held the mug in his hand and it seemed to be left un-scathed.

                          He rose, his knees cracking as he stood, argh! He hadn't had a good sleep in far too long! He looked around and saw what HAD to be the cause of the explosion.....not 15 metres away stood a young boy with quite a worried look on his face, looking from side to side totally astonished....but what set him apart from the rest of this motly group that surrounded him was, that he held the book of "Brigusitine".....Ogiratem raised an eyebrow and stepped over a crumbling piece of wood that lay on the ground in front, quietly sipping his Cowfee as he walked....this stuff tasted an awful lot like 'Coffee' back home, possibly that girl only pronounced it wrong? But no, this stuff had a different tint to its flavour, like something else had been mixed in....he nodded as he walked with a smile.

                          He nodded at the young man who stood bewildered...trying to remove a leg that was stuck in the ground, holding the book close to his chest, he licked his lips and bowed towards the boy, "You! Young man, whats your name, may i ask? And i'm sure you wouldn't mind telling me WHAT your doing with the book of Brigustine?"



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                            "HUH?? ME??? the book of what?" Looking the large figure up and down, Bhren could help but feel he was about to get in deep trouble.

                            "Look mister, I'm real sorry about your place, I swear... I'll.. I'll.. pay you back. The book well, I really don't want to put it down. Last time i did that it really hurt and then when it stopped, POOF, the inn was gone and the book was back in my hand." Hugging the book a little harder to his chest, "Please don't make me go through that again."


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                              Ogiratem watched the snivelling creature and shook his head, "I have no intention of hurting you sir, I am merely here to take that book, but it certainly seems we have ourselves quite the problem here doesn't it? Please dissist your gawking if you will sir, i am no kind of monster, at least not the type that will hurt you, get that into your head!"

                              After that quick burst of anger he stood tall and straightened his collor, making sure no-body was watching still, he didn't want un-due attention! Next he bent down in front of the young man, nearly down onto all fours and raised one hand to his collar, pulling it down slightly showing a piece of his neck....and the green-ish-blue skin that covered his body, then leaning his head in further to the boys and re-covering his fright-ful skin, he whispered to the boys face "Yes, thats right little one....i'm an Orc, i'm not proud of it, it was a mistake, but i am stuck with it now, thats how i got my 'frightening' height if you want to state it that way."

                              He stood again quickly making sure his collar was covering his skin correctly and straightening his coat, he looked back down to the boy that was holding the book like grim death, he let forth another one of his quick smiles, surprised that this young man had no problem with 'communicating' him, most humans get nervous after the first few sylabbles, let alone a few sentences, this one was doing well....

                              "You can relax your grip sir, i have no intention of stealing your 'grimouire', quite different, seeing though you seem to be quite attached to it, you can come along WITH me." Not even waiting for an answer Ogiratem turned on his heel and started to walk back in the direction of an alley that ran down the side of the Inn they were situated in, he turned his head over his shoulder, "Come along little master, we have a long walk...."