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Dual monitors with a v9180td

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  • Dual monitors with a v9180td

    Hi everyone, having a few issues getting dual monitors to work with my v9180td card. Got 2x19", one with the DVI->VGA converter on it and I'm running win2000 sp3. The problem is when I change to the res 1280x1024 (or 2560x1024) both screens go weird and only display the top corner of the screen. In the monitor menu thing it says that they are both running at 1280x1024 but clearly they are not. This is the same for higher resolutions aswell. Lower resolutions work 100% fine, but I don't know if I could live with myself running 19" at 1024x768 =P
    Also, my friend runs a v. similar setup, (same proc,same card) but runs XP and it seems to go fine. To me, this sounds like I need to run XP, which I'd prefer not too.
    Any hints,suggestions would be appreciated alot!
    cheers, aland