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10829 score :(( ?????

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  • 10829 score :(( ?????

    My 3D Mark 2001 SE score was only 10829 with the folloing gear.

    AMD Athlon 1900+ XP
    A7N8X mobo
    512 mg Corsair 2700 DDR XMS (Ram)
    Radeon 9700 Pro

    That doesnt seem right to me. What do you guys think?


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    It isn't terrible, but with a bit of tweaking you can likely raise that score a good bit still. Add in some overclocking and you should see some noticeable improvements.
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      and i thought my 11,471 score for radeon 9500 was bad..

      anyway.. all i care about is gameplay.. it does its job, speeds up games and adds more details.

      I overclocked and got higher 3DMark score but other than that, i didnt notice any difference when playing games (since its fast enough as it is, for now..)


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        well i am so close to getting a 9700 pro but all these posts about low 3d mark scores and incompatiblity with via chipsets is freakin me a lil bit
        could the reason for this be the display settings at 3d Mark 01 or AA AF features set very high??
        cos i havent seen anyun hav any problems with 3d Mark 03 yet with their 9700 pro.
        i suggest one should do a ut2003 or a Q3 benchmark with AA and AF at reasonable settings and then compare with some other benchmarks achieved with similar components and settings to be sure if they're underperforming.
        sorry about the long post :afro:


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          A couple things you can try. First you can try to softmod your 9700 Pro to a 9800 Pro. It brought my 3dmark2001 scores up almost 1000:eek: If you Overclock your CPU, that will increase your score also. You can use a tweak/overclocking utility to increase the Core and Memory speed of your card. There are a ton of them out there, Radeonator, Rage3d Tweak, Powerstrip, etc. If you want links to the softmod or the tweaker programs let me know and I'll post them. Always be careful tho.



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            What Dmark numbers should I have with a my setup??

            Processor: AMD Athlon 1900+ XP
            Mobo: A7N8X
            Ram: Corsair XMS 512mg 2700 DDR
            V-Card: 9700 pro

            What would be a non OCed score?




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              well i want to know what is the equivalent of 2.8 ns rams used in the Radeon 9700 in Mhz, if it is converted from ns to Mhz... cos i always wondered whether there was a simple way to calculate Mhz from ns


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                What is softmodding???????


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                  Softmodding is when you reach the performance of a superior video card, through a software that tweaks your video card.;)


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                    So how do you softmod? Where do you get the software? Does it decrease the life of the card? Is it worthwhile? Can a newbie do it? Thanx for your replies.



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                      Here is a link to a great walkthrough that will show you exactly how to softmod your 9700 Pro to a 9800 Pro. Link Try that, it made a huge difference in my 3DMARK2001 scores. Let me know how it works.

                      -Hawks :D