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Bad performance in XP w/ my AIW 9700 Pro

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  • Bad performance in XP w/ my AIW 9700 Pro

    OKay..let me start off with my stats

    Soyo Dragon KT400 Ultra
    ATI All in Wonder 9700 Pro @ 348/324
    640 megs of 266 DDR
    200 Gig Western Digital 7200 HD with 8 Megs of Cache
    AMD 2400+ XP
    Windows XP sp1
    Latest drivers, vian 4in1 and catalyist blah blah blah....

    okay here is something that for some dumb reason, is bugging me. I had my all in wonder running in windows 2000 w/ service pack 3 or something..don;t really remember. Any ways, in 3Dmark03 I got a score of 4651. My highest score ever. In Windows XP SP1, i got a score between 4535 and 4635 and stuff. I'm thinking that after following some of the tweaks found in the XP tweak guides on, that maybe i have some how hurt my video performance. I did the usual performance gains found in the xp tweak guide. IOPageLocker, Largesystemcahce...blah blah..the usual stuff. Perhaps these tweaks hurt my video? Has anyone else experienced this. Or does going from windows 2000 to XP have that affect on all video cards? Does XP just not performe well with 3dmark03 and video me understand!!! I feel as though my system is not at optimum!

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    I wrote the recent XP tweak guides (Reformat to Relax and Relax to Righteous). I use the tweaks myself, and they're designed to speed everything up, not just video performance.

    None of the tweaks should hurt your video performance, in fact quite the opposite. Most of the cache tweaks are designed to make optimal use of your memory, and smooth out video during gameplay, so they probably don't have any impact on 3DMark2003...more for making gaming smoother and quicker loading times etc.

    The rest of the tweaks are designed to remove as much memory and CPU-sucking crap as possible without really impacting on WinXP's functionality (such as turning off unused services). They should help speed up 3DMark2003, because the less crap the CPU has to deal with in the background, the faster the rendering and in particular the CPU tests in 3Dmark2003.

    All I can suggest is that you look closely at anything running in the background under WinXP. Remove all of the programs in the startup folder (MSConfig>Startup) and turn off any programs running in the background.
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      Also which order did ya install the drivers? The updated VIA drivers must be done before the video drivers or any others so that the system can communicate properly with them. Just like Win9x oses I believe that ya must do these in a certain order to get the best performance from the system overall. This works for me anyway but it's just a shame that ya didn't get a nForce2 mobo but do check the Vsync and AA are disabled AF is at low settings.


      • #4 the tweaks should be working fine. Actually I really dont know what to se the IOPageLockLimit to. I have 640 megs of ram..and I dont know what to set it the tweak guide it said between 8 megs and 16 megs people found the best. I'm running on 16 just under the assumption that it will do better, what do you recommend for my setup. And do i modify the DWORD in Decimal or Hex?

        Also, I'm not to sure if I infact did put the via drivers before the video drivers. how do i uninstall the drivers and start all over again?


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          Just reinstall the VIA drivers, then reinstall your video card drivers. That should be fine, and really it shouldn't make a big difference - it's just a precaution.

          As for the IOPageLockLimit etc, just use Cacheman which will determine the best sizes, and where it doesn't I've shown my recommended settings at the end of the first XP Guide.

          All the cache settings do is make sure your memory is used optimally for games/apps and for hard drive usage.
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            I got like 300 more points from doing the 9800 driver mod. See this thread for details:

            Go down a few posts until you see the post with a link to another thread on Rage3D, that's the one you want to go to for specific "how to"s on the mod.


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              I would strongly recommend you do everything else you can to stabilize and optimize your system before doing a mod like that. It is only a software mod, but if you find things getting worse after the mod, you won't know if it's the mod or your other settings.

              My advice is to build a solid foundation then start experimenting from there.
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                Yes, it's always good to start off with a stable system before getting into any modding. I was not aware that instability was a problem here, just performance issues, which I am not completely convinced about, anyways. I say this because I was getting about 4500 with my 9700 Pro and an xp2100 CPU OC'd to roughly the same default speed as an xp2400 on my same MSI nForce2 mobo. So, I should have said in my first post, that, I think you are getting the right score for your setup, Glassjaw! Anyhew, the 9800 mod can easily be undone if it does not take well, so I figure it's worth a shot. It's completely up to you given what you feel comfortable with, though. Cheers!