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Which brand sells the best 9700 Pro cards?

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  • Which brand sells the best 9700 Pro cards?

    I am thinkin of buying the 9700 Pro card in the near future, but which of these brands makes the best products? Are the clock frequencys similar with all of these brands?:

    Sapphire Atlantis, Hercules, Club-3D, Connect3D? :?: :?: :?:

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    I go for hercules cause that is one of top common brands
    i heardof.

    Hercules powered with by Radeon [IMG]3D Prophet 9700 [/IMG]

    :cool: :smokin:

    and new card


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      Clock frequencies are all going to be set the same as a general rule since it is regulated by ATI as a part of their chipset design. But some of the other manufacturers will sometimes use a little faster memory to allow a better overclock once you get it in your hot little hands.

      The nVidia line was a bit more known for this concept than the ATI lineup, so basically just get a quality name brand that offers the best price and has the features that you want. Chances are very good that you won't be able to go wrong with any of the choices out there. :)
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        Have you any idea which manufacturer uses the fastest memorys? :?: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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          WELL THIS IS JUST EITHER USEFUL OR USELESS ADVICE - I think that Gainward use quality faster ddr ram in their cards - or is generally factory preset to higher clock frequencies - but are great for overcloking. Abit and Hercules again are always guaranteed to perform well. Some other useful advice i can share with you is the size of ram modules. generally smaller 64mb cards use faster seek time ns memory modules than their 128mb daddies. so a little performance gain might be included, but not recommended as games require the mighty 128 megs of more memory that is needed to boost graphic intense games. this grows more often i see. look into MSI as they have a long established relationship with NVidia, and tend to be one of the first coorporate brands to integrate Nvidias latest tech chips. I hope that i have been of any help at all to you Tomi_S

          ps. nice rig is that CPU o/c or unlocked?


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            In my newb point of view, you left out Tyan as a choice, unless that is not available out your way. I've attached a link that may or may not be of interest. I liked it not only for reviewing the Tyan 9700 pro, but also giving a good reason why a lot of third party vid cards are "the same" as the developer's "sample".


            Hope it makes for good reading and is of some help.:D


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              I happened to pick up a ATI 9700 Pro from Best Buys that was marked down to $235 because it had been opened, so I couldn't pass it up! However, I haven't had the best success with overclocking it and I'm unsure if it a system problem or it is the vid card itself? So far I've been able to get the Core Clock up to 371 and Memory Clock to 322, which isn't bad but isn't as good as I've seen. That Tyan board looks awesome tho, great HSF. That may be the way to go.



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                That Tyan board looks mad~, looks just as good as the Hercules one but the cooling design especially the memory cooling is better. Man...i want one~, if only my wallet would agree :steam:


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                  That Tyan card sure looks interesting. :cool: Iīll have to see am I able get it somewhere (where I live). The Hercules card also seems to be quite good.

                  PS. (to jamie_horwood) ;) I do have OCīd my CPU (from 1730 to 1810MHz) and I think it was unlocked when I bought it. I did the overcloking by increasing the FSB (from 133 to 139MHz). I have heard that some 2100+ PALOMINOS can be OCīd almost to 1900MHz! (my CPU wonīt go there) :)