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Sidebanding on GeforceFX

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  • Sidebanding on GeforceFX


    I have this problem that I really need fixed: I have a new GeforceFX Ultra and it is supposed to support Fastwrites, AGP8x, and Sideband addressing. When installed, all of these features are enabled, except the SBA, as verified by WCPUID. Now I downloaded that hidden features patch and can enable it that way, but after every restart I have to go into the driver panel and enable it again. I wouldn't care except that it provides a pretty good performance boost on my Nforce2 chipset. My motherboard has it enabled, and the hidden features patch says that both motherboard and videocard support it, just that it is not enabled. Can somebody tell me how to keep it on for good? Is there a registry entry to turn it on? I don't put extra programs on that aren't needed, so please don't suggest things like RivaTuner and Geforce Tweak Utility. I am really looking for a registry key here.....

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    I have the same problem with my mobo. I have searched high and low for clues on this very issue and no one seems to have the answer. It would seem to me to be a BIOS setting, and I saw that it was enabled when I had an MSI KT400 Ultra, but with the K7N2-L there is no way to enable it. Wha?? What kind of mobo do you have?


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      I have a Leadtek Nforce2 mobo that has it enabled by default. My GF4 had both enabled just fine, but the GeforceFX just doesn't seemt to want to turn it on!


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        Hmmm... the video card must trigger it then. I guess the card either tells the mobo to turn it on, or leave it off. Interesting...