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Pissed off!and still fuming!

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  • Pissed off!and still fuming!

    Here's my story,I went to buy new videocard[asus v9280s]
    ,but none in stock.So I ended up picking a Msi GF4Ti4200,w/128M,
    Vivo agp8x.Long story short,when I got home I opened up the box,only to realize the card in the box was a lower model card w/tv-out only.I was told the card was brand new,fcuking bs[old switcharoo].their excuse was a customer wanted to compare the two cards,and that's how the mixup occured.btw no appologies from them either.
    BUYERS BEWARE!Don't assume anything,check everything before leaving store and get everything in writing.For all you guys in Vancouver,Canada I bought this card from "A-Power Computer".My ranting is done,Peace all.:thumbs do

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    So did you end up with the right card?
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      Well, if you did eventually get the MSI ti4200 128 8x AGP VIVO, that's a great card. I had one myself and liked it a LOT. Cheers!


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        If you have a gripe with this company, then make sure to add your input to so that others can learn from your ordeal.
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          hey guys,thanks for listening.I did end up with the right videocard,but that shouldn't have happened in the first place.Also the card they gave me was not new either,I could tell because on the card where you screw down the holddown screw was scratched up and left impression on bracket and all the adapters were not in any bags.The card works and all,but should I ask for brand new replacement.Lol,with my luckI'll probably get a dead card.btw before getting the MSI VTD8x-128MB,I hated the red color scheme,now I love it!The card is Awesome looking and super quiet too.Still can't figure out how MSI can offer you so much value for so little money,I'm happy.Sorry about bad grammar and long post.:thumb: