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Sapphire Radeon 9100 any good?

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  • Sapphire Radeon 9100 any good?

    I heard that the 64 version is clocked faster than the 128. I was looking at getting this but should I wait till the 9200 comes out. I dont want to really spend that much thats why im looking at these cards


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    the 64MB is clocked at 250/230 - the 128MB is clocked at 250/200...although I've read that both cards come w/4ns chips so the 128MB should be a pretty good OC'er...but nothing is guaranteed. If you want a 128MB version have a look at Powercolor - it's clocked at 250/250 (stay away from the Powercolor 64Mb though - it's only 250/184)

    at about $70usd - the Sapphire64Mb is a great value - I would imagine the 9200 will be somewhat more expensive and from what I've read about the GPU - I don't think it will be that much faster


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      Are we talking about something similar too (or exactly like) Visiontek's Xtasy 9100 128MB/64 AGP/PCI? If not, maybe somebody can answer my questions anyways, and I would be very grateful. . .

      I think that this is an important thread. Consumers are always looking for a good deal, and it appears as if this line of 64MB - 128MB cards are too good to pass up (for the price).

      However, there is a considerable difference in price from the 128 MB and 64MB verisions in the line. I'm wondering, since I'm not very informed when it comes to hardware, what the real differences between the two are.

      If the 64MB is clocked at 250/230 and the 128MB is clocked at 250/200, then wouldn't the cheaper, 64MB card, be the superior version?

      I understand that the cards have other features, such as SMARTSHADER, PIXEL TAPESTRY and HYDRAVISION, but how do these features stand to make a difference in the price/quality ratio? And what features does the 64MB lack that the 128MB does not?

      If I were to choose between a Visiontek's Xtasy 9100 128MB (129.99 USD) and a Visiontek's Xtasy 9100 64MB (79.99 USD), which would be a better deal?

      Note that these cards are being sold at CompUSA, and more information can be found on VisionTek's homepage:

      Any feedback on this issue is much appreciated. These boards seem very active, and the prospect of a response seems very encouraging. Thank you. :)


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        the clock speeds I listed apply only to the Sapphire cards - I don't know what the clock speeds are for Visiontek 9100's -if you're thinking of buying one, I suggest you email Visiontek support to find out what they are

        I think the 9100's are an excellent value - I pick one up for a box I put together for my brother-in-law, in was a powercolor 128MB OEM clocked at 250/250 (the Powercolor 64MB's are only clocked at 250/184)