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  • Memory cooling ques..

    Ok, when I oc my videomem to high I get some visual errors, now is this because the mem get's to hot or is it just the sign of me reaching the memory speed limit the card can handle?

    I don't use any cooling at all on the memory but I happen to have this brand new Thermal Take GF4 copper cooler in a drawer which also comes with some mem sinks. I think many of you use this soultion but honestly, will it make a big difference? I bet my card has ****ty quality memory and maybe it isn't the heat that is causing this at to high speeds. The gpu can go really high, like Ti4600 speed with stock cooling, does it help mutch to get the mem speed up or is it the gpu who are most important?

    Btw it's a Inno3d Ti4200 with 128 Mb memory.



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    I've messed around with heat sinks on video card memory on a few occasions...never with what I would call great results

    the best I've ever been able to get is maybe 4-5 extra MHz over the max OC on the same card w/o memory cooling.

    I've read articles where the writer swears memory cooling allows him to OC 20-30addition MHz w/o artifacts....I'm not calling them liars - but i've never experienced that.


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      I see, thank's for that info.