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  • GF2 MX cooling

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering will adding a fan to my Herc Prophet GF2 make any difference to my overall system temp.? i also get random crashes when playing newer games like RTCW, when i reset my comp the CPU temp is 44 and the system is 30 something, is this crash caused cus win 98 se sucks or cus my system is running hot (btw i only have a duron 750 :'()

    cheers, Shepps

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    While a fan on the GPU won't really matter to the internal temperatures of the case, it will more than likely help out in your problem. When the GPU gets hot, it will lock up on you. I discovered this when I was running some video card tests for a review that I was writing. I ran back-to-back tests in various resolutions to get results and eventually the system locked up on me. After installing a Crystal Orb chipset cooler to the video card, I have yet to be able to recreate the problem.

    The problem is likely the video card itself and not overall system temperatures. If you want to reduce internal temps, then add some case fans to your beast. :)

    Good luck!
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      Yea I had the same problem........
      I modded an old Pentium fan\sink to go on there, and all my problems went away....

      But it's hard to pin down what is actually making your system crash....but that should be a good start...


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        I have a Blue ORB on my GeForce2 MX, and it does a pretty good job at cooling the core - the GeForce2 MX only draws 4 watts of power at default frequency if I remember correctly :?:

        With the supplied passive heatsink, I could only overclock to 180MHz, but with the Blue ORB I can achieve 205MHz effortlessly - it goes higher but there is no speed boost as my card it effectively limited by its memory speed :(

        Don't know about the crashing but yes - it will lower your GPU's temperature :)
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          Yes, I have a gf2mx, and untill i put active cooling on it i couldnt play games for too long without crashing either...


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            Also, I have come across about half a dozen BLORBs that were anything but flat on the base. Make sure the surface is absolutely level, if there is any air pockets between the chip and the BLORB it will impair cooling performance greatly :(
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              Will sticking an old P2 fan (with plastic suroundings removed) make any difference cus i dont have the money to buy a blue orb...dam pocket money lol



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                You'd have to do some serious modding to make it fit..... BLORBs aren't really that expensive in AUS, around A$20 (7 pounds UK) :?:
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                  coooool. thought they were more expensive than that :D:D:D, will get one soon :D



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                    "will adding a fan to my Herc Prophet GF2 make any difference to my overall system temp"

                    No, it may cool the gpu better but as far as overall temps inside the case, all it will do is blow the heat around.