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geforce 4 mx440 problem

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  • geforce 4 mx440 problem

    my rig: iwillxp 333r mobo, xp1800+ cpu, winxp

    i just got the geforce 4 mx440 from frys and having problem. my old vid card voodoo (16mb) works fine on my comp.. but when i install this geforce (64mb) it will make a 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps. i checked the iwill site and looked at the beep codes and found that indeed it was the vid card causing problem.

    does anyone know what the problem is? this is my 3rd geforce and none of them work. i checked my bios and looks fine. is there also a vid card bios that i have to update? i am confused... please any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks and take care.

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    What brand and wattage power supply do ya have there? :?:


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      its some generic ps with 350 watt , but what does this have to do with my vid card not working? i even tried ati 7500 which is 64 mb and works fine. thx


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        If it was a really old or crappy ps ur mobo might not have been getting enough juice to boot properly, but thats probably not the case with ur setup. It sounds like ur mobo really doesnt like the card Does ur mobo have built in video? that could be the problem otherwise I'd suggest checking the manufacturers documentation for any other causes. Damn hardware conflicts