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  • Your Opinion Please.

    Hello fellas. Can You please give me your opinion on which card to choose for my new system that i'm putting together.

    MSI TI4200 128MB 8X AGP **VIVO + DVI** or ASUS V9280-TD GeForce 4 Ti4200 8X 128MB AGP. They are going for almost the same price.

    Thanks for any input.


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    Hey Friend,both cards are good.I personnally hate red color scheme on MSI card.If you have more money, take a look at ASUS 9280S[SuperFast]Version,its got more power and looks great.BTW the MSI has a great software bundle.


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      Well, I had the MSI card you are considering and liked it a lot. I was able to OC it to 280/580 and things ran very smoothly. I know Asus is a _very_ good company and their cards / motherboards always seem to be the top of benchmarking comparisons. It's a tough call. So, Yeah, if you don't like red, then stay away from the MSI. Peronsally, I like the red pcb. The 9700Pro I got is red also, so is my motherboard. :) If you can spend a little more, the ti4800se's are very close in price and perform better. Gainward "Golden Sample" cards are supposed to be over-clocking champs. Go to and put 'gainward golden sample' in the search box, see what you find. Good luck! :)


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        Hey,Revenant how has the 9700pro been for you?Any compatibility issues?Anything i should be aware of.doh!i just read up on the ATI 9500Pro reviews,and it seems Nvidia's days are numbered.My point is,the 9500Pro makes the geforce4 look old school!Btw,I can get used to red color scheme.Lol!


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          I love this card. I popped it in, loaded the Cat 3.1 drivers + control panel and started testing. I ran into one lockup because my AGP slot was set to 76mhz (default is 66) so I set it back down to 70mhz and it's been smooth sailing ever since. I had never owned an ATI card, primarily because of the poor drivers and lack of game compatibility, but that appears to be a thing of the past now. I am very happy with this purchase, and will definitely buy an ATI R400 based card when they arrive early this summer (I hope it's then :)). Not to bash Nvidia though, I have been a huge fan of their cards ever since the Riva128 pci was starting to take notice. I had a 3DFX Voodoo1 card then and saw the Riva128 kick the pants off of it in Direct 3D. Wow! Since then I have had a TNT (my first AGP card, which is still running in the computer right next to me!), TNT2, GF2 GTS, GF4 ti4200 and a GF4 ti4800SE. All great cards (well, I has some trouble with the Albatron 4800se but it was partially my fault). In getting the 9700 Pro, I felt like I was getting a GF FX a little early. I could finally turn on AA and AF with good frame rates at 1280x1024. It looks AWESOME! :) I think it's silly of Nvidia to release the FX when it's just a tad faster than the 9700 Pro, and in some cases, not as fast. I look forward to the NV40, I think that's going to be the card which brings respect back to Nvidia, if they do it right. But, now I am just rambling. So, yes, I love the 9700 so far. If you get a 9700/9500 based card, I hope you have just an easy time with it as I have and feel free to email me with any specific questions about them. Peace....

          Plus, I like the red PCB, it matches my motherboard! See pic5 in my sig, it looks cool! :)


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            Revenant,nice system and neat too,especially with all that Hardware.Later man


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              Thanks!! It's been quite a challenge getting it all in there and organized like that. But, most of all, it's been FUN!! :) :D :laugh:

              Cheers!! :cheers: