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3D mark 2001 - score good/bad?

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  • 3D mark 2001 - score good/bad?

    Just a few things on me mind that I need resolving.

    I have this setup:

    Athlon xp2100+ @ 1.828ghz
    Asus A7A266-E Bios rev
    256 pc - 133 (ram) - holding back my overclocking
    Asus Geforce 3 v8200 200/460 @ 235/535
    WD 40gb 7200rpm
    Windows 2000 Professional

    here come the questions:

    1) Is a score of 8405 good, about right, or low? I have only jsut got 3d mark 2001 so I don't really know it that well.

    2) I'm using rivatuner and I cannot for the life of me find a site that tells me what the best power user settings are in the OGL/D3D/SYSTEM tabs.
    Does anyone know any settings I can try?

    3)My FSB is at 140 - if I get 2700 DDr ram will I be able to push it alot further than this?

    thanks in advance guys.

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    1- I don't think you're score is too far off the mark. You'll find that your old GeForce3 card will be your bottleneck in this case.

    2- I don't use Riva Tuner so can't help in this area; sorry.

    3- It is hard to say if you'll be able to push the system further with better memory since there are just too many variables. Since I can't say what is holding you back, I can't say that the higher speed memory will do the trick. But the faster memory will still be helpful in other ways. Even if you can't push the FSB any higher, you can still run the memory faster than the system bus and get added performance in that manner.

    Good luck. :)
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      Those results seem fine. And in my opinion power strip is the best program for overclocking cards. And your third question has just been answered.:smokin:


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        woah how come you have such a monster speed on such a little card?????

        you using some kinda extra cooling on that MX??


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          I have some good case cooling and not a bad cooling unit on my card:smokin: Plus i live on the isle of man its quite cold up here:laugh: