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upgrading and need help

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  • upgrading and need help

    I recently purchased a new graphics card only to find out my p3 doesnt have an agp slot. I had an amd motherboard with an agp slot so i decided to switch boards and processors. I conected them all up and get a blank screen. I have no idea what to do from this point. Please help :)

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    I'll be away for a while but may help also though we need to know what all the hardware is that's involved and are any of these parts from "Name brand" PC's (Compaq, Dell, Gateway, etc)? :?:


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      the amd motherboard is from gateway it was sent to a freind of mine but he never use it and gave it to me it a 800mhz anthlon processor k7 amd motherboard. the video card is a3d phantom 3800 pro I put the old board back in and tried to install the drivers for the card but since card wasnt conected it wont let me instal the drivers. I am in a catch 22 lol