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open gl and d3d stutters

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  • open gl and d3d stutters

    on open gl and d3d games i am getting stutters and jumps every 10 seconds or so.i thought it was just my old TNT2 but i got a geforce 4 mx 440 and it still happens.i have a framerate counter and while this is happening the framerate stays the same si i doubt its my video card.can anyone help?

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    Perhaps u can give us some info like system specs, os, how long the problem has been around, what game are u playing and so on


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      yeh sorry i forgot about putting my specs......

      pentium [email protected] 1.5ghz
      nvidia geforce 4 mx440
      640 mb ram
      seagate 40gb hard drive

      the problem has been around for as long as i can remember (i have had the pc for about a year) it al started on the game star trek elite happens mainly on this game and soldeir of fortune 2 but i have noticed it on all of my games


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        I had some of the problems that you've been talking about too. I have a gig of ram so my ram isn't the problem.

        Just make sure you have your paging settings right for your cache. It should be set to 1.5 times the amount of ram you have. Also, some games are a little messed up if you have full hardware accelleration for sound on. This mostly occurs with audigy sound cards.

        I have an audigy mp3+, and so far the only problems I've had is with games made by EA.

        Oh, I have an idea. What is your drivers that you are using? Maybe it has something to do with that. THe most stable ones are the 30.82's. The 40.xx's are a little iffy on the D3D games, and I've found the 41.09's to be just fine.


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          i did what you said about the paging file and set it to what windows recommended which is 960 minimum and 1200 max.and i turned sound acceleration down a notch but still nothing changed