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  • Radeon 9500 pro

    I'm looking into buying a radeon 9500 pro as it seems to be a very solid card.The card i've found is made by connect 3d and is agp times 8 with 128 mg's of memory
    My question is my mother board seems to only support agp times 4.will the card run on my motherboard.i'm not quite sure if my motherboard is agp times 8 but its based on a intel d850emvr so it probably isn't.any help is greatly apretiated :flames:

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    Radeon 9500's & 9700's are universal AGP bus 3.0 (2X/4X/8x)

    ....make sure the one you get is a "pro", the non-pro's are no where near as good:thumb:


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      Right now.............. (i know it's a late reply but..)
      whats w/ the performace w/ the cards around 9500 pro..

      9500 Pro (ATI)
      Ti4800SEV (Albraton)
      Ti4680P turbo (Albraton)
      Ti4200 8X (Msi) [heard that v.d card's good in a review]
      V9280S GeForce 4 Ti 4200(Asus)

      can't wait untill a round up hahaha..............
      lets c which video card :hammer: 's